Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sunday Night/Monday Morning

    Sooo After Staying up late  I was too lazy to get out of bed this morning.. I guess BE ON THE FIELD BY 9 doesnt mean shit when the games starts at 9:50 lol I procrastinated and layed in bed knowing I had a game! The gae was Litterally less than a 2 minute drive from My House so I knew I had time to Kill...
   Well aparently I killed TOO much time cuz I rolled in and parked as the ref blew the whistle to end the first game ( the team that played at 8:40 am) Then I blamed my brother WHo just HAD to take his sweet time getting ready for his college Open house today ( wow cant believe hes that Old!)
    Nonetheless we tied! I was ready to beat down 3 of these guys ( not all at once lol but individually). A tie for Us was Great we are the Only team that even came close to beating them. well everyone else has lost to them we tied so we get half a point! Which Bumps us to 70% but we are unsure where the rest of the teams are at but they have now gone from 100% to 90% which is great!   I can say they were probably the hardest team we have played!

   Cant Believe Its Monday again Tommorow Wow! Already! And the Halloween party Is this week and Then Halloween Next week! Hope the Mr. Can be there to take Our LO out to get some candy! I hope th LO aint grouchy or a pain in the ass like he can be when he is tired with no sleep!



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