Saturday, October 16, 2010

Sunday, So why not talk shit!

Ok so Saturday went NOTHING as Planned! I was supposed to work and the two fuckers I aasked to cover me Both said No! I ask Roger , since i wanted to get some things with the car done since my dad was home he said he'd be covering for Mayra the bitch that Just got back from a 5 week vacay in august/September who is now gone for 2 weeks ... Ok ROGER YOU SUCK!  SO I text Priscilla who Also said NO... Ok why? Because I will be covering For Mayra! DAMN THIS BITCH IS ON VACAY AND SHES STILL BLOWING ME WTF!!!  NO Wait a second! Roger is covering for Her, Priscilla is covering for her... so if I dont show up there will be two dumbasses there that are covering the same shift for the same Bitch.. so I just didnt go! YAY! Got my brakes changed! Thanks Daddy! oh ok and a small thanks to his dumbass Chicken wing brother [theres a reason for that name but If i say it i will just seem like an even bigger bitch so we leave it as that lol]  
Then My Evening yay... Just kidding I had to go shopping last Minute for a baby shower gift to a baby shower I REALLY did not wanna go to cuz Seriously imma Be celebrating Yet another baby to a teenage mother? um ok fine Shes my cousin but its bad enough she had her first at 15 and well now shes onto number 2 at 18! it was a cute theme HALLOWEEN i was the only one that showed up with a halloween pumpkin bag and orange and black tissue paper and a halloween card lol Hey she said halloween and i went all out!  Any ways I will surely have 2 more teenage baby showers to go to in the next 2 months if you didnt read My Rant about all the preggo teenage girls in My family/ around me do so! HERE
ANy ways I Seriously Considered getting My cousin condoms for a Baby shower gift but though Id save her the embarassment! evryone was probably thinking the same thing I was, just  not mean enough to say it!

Any ways im waiting on the call from the fam to find out that her 13/14 year old sis is pregnant I mean its onli a matter of time
She is due Dec 30 2010 her younger 17 year old sister is due march 2, 2011 and today i find out THEIR MOTHER is now expecting a baby right after the 17 year old Her mother just had a baby who is about my sons age! She has 4 kids with my uncle she divorced him and has 2 with her new husband and shes going on 7th  I hope shes done after That Like come on The pull out method hasnt failed me yet!!
any ways go read up on these teenage pregnancies theres a FEW i have not updated on since i wrote that! Again Click HERE
And another Game Day In the Morning our 5th Game im Hoping for atleast 5 goals from our team non from theirs But this team is 2nd in the league and has onli let in 1 goal all season so we will see if we can kick some ass

Now some Sexy Sunday Questions!

Sexy Sunday

1. How do you feel about one night stands?I personally am not one for them. But I can see it happening, and I can see how it is beneficial when you are singl and dont want anything serious, so sure why not.
2. Would you judge someone if they had one? Maybe, but that depends on the person and how many of them they have. But sure yea I'd Judge i'm a girl its what we do I could be doing the same damn thing but would only see fault in the other chick
3. What makes it okay or not okay in your opinion? I think once in a while if you are not in a comited relationship and have not had the opportunity to get any then yea ok but random smashing every night cuz you were "drunk" um yea that sounds like you got drunk so you'd have a reason to Slut around, maybe you should stay your ass sober hmm?


  1. It is so nuts how many teenagers are pregnant lately! And I think it all has to do with that stupid teen mom show! It definitely makes it seem like teenage pregnancy is a great popularity booster. Its definitely adding fuel to the fire.

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  3. New follower. Looking forward to hearing more from you!

  4. I am glad that you honestly admitted you might judge someone for that; I love honest girls!

    Thanks for doing Sexy Sunday.

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