Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Thinking Back and remembering

     I Love to sit and think about how things were when we were dating. How shy he was, how pushy he was, How he spoiled me rotten Lol. He still gives me what ever I want but its not the same seeing how im his wife and well the money is in both our accounts. He used to hand me his Bank card when he went off to work so I could treat myself to a $40  lunch every wednesday, Or we'd go to walmart and hed ask if I needed anything and always insisted on paying although i had money. My Favorite was when he Planned Out dates and when I thought we would have a simple night in he turned it into a Huge date night! My Fave! We had the best dates From our first to My marriage Proposal!  But some of the best ones were in his barracks playing cards watching movies , him teaching me to play Yu gi Oh ( oh yes the things one will do, I pretended to want to learn lol BORING, even when i Played with my brother Just as Boring with the Mr. My dork) and Just eating Pizza, Cuddling and waking up to find the Mr. getting ready for Work and Im still in the barracks when I wasn't allowed to be! I loved the scent of his cologne early in the morning!

     Nonetheless He happened to Surprise me today. Normally he will say lets Have dinner tonight or something along those lines but today it felt like he was asking me out on a date! Like The Kinda date where you want to get all dolled up because you want everything to be perfect and you want him to think you  are the best thing there is! You know the feeling you get when you first start dating some one!

Out of no where He Just kisses me and tells me he loves me I'm Like I Love you too and well he just kisses me again and said "No really baby I LOVE YOU" - Suspicious??? HMMM lol  well any ways we get home, and theres a little sign Hanging from the ceiling  with a heart  in red and some writing that says Dinner?  Then He asked me "Will you go out with me  on Thursday?" I was Cheesing cuz i though that dangling piece of paper was just the sweetest thing! I said yea where do you want to go? he said ( completely disregarding my question) "Good, I have something Planned for us!" I immidiately asked WHAT?!?!? and he said dont worry about it its a surprise! Lol com on Now he knows I hate surprises! Well any ways he left me with butterflies in my Stomach. we will probably Just be doing dinner and a Movie But it was the way he asked and how he caught me off gaurd that brought back old memories.

I Love My Mr! I dont think  I would ever Change Him or anything that led me to him!  We are Complete opposites personality wise but we have alot of things in common! Too many if you ask me! But I guess thats why we compliment eachother so well


  1. I can't wait to see what he has planned! i'm sure its something great!

    I wish my man was more like that. Do you think your mister could give tips to my man??

    Sometimes I feel like all the romance is gone because we are married. Its not often that we have a romantic date. And I really miss that.