Thursday, October 7, 2010

Thursday Already??? WTF?

Wow Thursday Already, is it Just Me or did this week Fly By?!? well no Relax time for me tommorow In the evening, I have to cover for this Bitch whos on Vacay maybe ill make some good tips. I was Kind of hoping to be home with the Mr. But since I work he  will let me sleep in... Lol who am I kidding I slept in today Yesterday and He had to work lol and LO has been napping atleast 4-5 hours so he is knocked out till the Mr. gets home to wake him up so Im Just chillen cleaning or Napping I love it! I keep wanting another baby but I dont know if i want one just yet we had planned one for 2012 But My Dreams and Plans Have been on Hold for far too long and now that LO is Older I have Finally Started up Pursing My plans and dreams for the Future Not sure I want to Put them on Hold Just yet... maybe in a few Years...  Now Its off To bed so I can be ready for work tommorow I mean later this evening ( geez im still living In Wednesday). But before bed I think the Mr. and I will get In some Alone time since Our little man is asleep already I have no idea how since he woke up at 10 Pm and went down for a nap at 5 pm.

Day 30 - a dream for the future
Final Day
To Have a House in the country. Sitting on My porch with the Mr. (who will probably still be playing video games) in our late 70's having our baby Boy visiting us, with his trampy gf ( i just know she will be a tramp).

Halloween Edition:

What do you like to do with your family for Halloween?

    Well Last year we Got all Dressed Up Last minute of course lol we hadn't Planned on doing anything except getting the LO dressed up and taking him to a few Houses. It was Rainy and LO was tired so we went to like 3 and headed home... he was about 9 months Then. 

     I cant believe how old he is Now. This year I am not sure what we will do the Plan is to Take him out trick or treating but since he is only about 21 Months I think it wont be too much fun so My aunts Church  every year has a "Hallelujah Party" on Halloween ( My aunts religion doesnt do Halloween so to keep the kids from wanting to go out and trick or treat they throw a Party at the church) all the kids dress Up in cute NON evil costumes more like princesses spiderman stuff along those lines no vampires monsters etc. 

     This Year they are having a carnival type thing and since my Aunt has 2 kids about 5 and 6 I think the LO might enjoy that a little More... we Might still take him to the mall to trick or treat or a few Houses but I think Church is where he will be going. 

As for the Mr. and Me Halloween Party Lol... My soccer league is Hosting a Halloween Party since all players are 21 and Over there will be alcohol and well Its for all the teams in the league and it will be held at the sports Plex... 

For this Month we will be taking LO to a petting Zoo Here in reston and then a Pumpkin patch with a Hayride, and The Mr. and I will be going with My brother and his girlfriend  On a Haunted Hayride...  Hope you enjoyed the Pictures Of Us Last Year and LO's Potential Costume this year if we can find his size!


  1. I love your posts! Hope you get some rest girl! Mommies need it most!

  2. yea I feel bad when I get Chris to handle some things with Colin for me. Especially this week since I have been so sick. But hey....we gotta have a minute to ourselves as well!

    How did you get companies contacting you? I need that hook up! LOL! I don't want to get in over my head, but I do think it will be fun b/c it gives me something to do when LO is sleeping and DD is at school.

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