Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Wicked Wednesday

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And as Promised Here is My Wicked Wednesday Story, But first off...

What Would You do If you decided to be Spontaneous and make things Exciting by having sex outside, and then all of a sudden You Get Caught?

Well as Some Of you Know the Mr. and I spent a little over 5 weeks in Puerto Rico this summer, and we spent a lot of time at home. His Moms House only Has 3 t.v.'s, his moms room, his dads den, and the upstairs living room. There was never a free t.v. in that house, so that left a lot of time for sex since well there was nothing to do!

Well one day when we were in the pool (God I hope his brother, sister, and Mother dont find my Blog) and his brother kept saying we were having sex, but we denied it. I mean  we were trying but his sister just wouldnt get the hell out of the pool!  (During this time the LO was Sleeping and I wanted some of My Mr. Man!  So I have put My little Pain in the ass to Take a nap only to find we have gained a new pain in the ass, his little sister (about 13 or so)).  After about 30 minutes or so she went inside, so the Mr. and I  got into it. It was exciting considering His sisters room, his Moms room, and the Upstairs Living room Overlooked the pool.

The water was very annoying and was getting in the way, so my exhibitionist ass got a brilliant idea; Lets go have sex by the tractor... (Keep in mind his family lives on a farm, and they own a lot of land so the next house is atleast a mile and  thats another farm owner who never really comes by and you get a good heads up since its a long road). We try getting comfortable by the tractor, try putting one leg up the damn thing was too high so I just put my leg back down... So we got into it, the Mr. is going at it all of a sudden I hear Oh Shit!! (My first reaction was are you shitting me??? Youre Done?!?!) but he quickly puts his junk back in his pants and Runs around to hide like a little Bitch, leaving me bare assed and exposed.... to Some Creeper who had quietly driven by and was litterally about to jump out his window trying to watch WTF?!?!?

I was so embarassad i turned quickly grabbed my Towel and attempted to put up my swim suit as fast as possible ( which Wasn't too fast considering we were still wet from the pool)! OMG i was terrified The Mr.'s Dumb ass Could have just stayed behind me considering his shorts werent dropped but his first reaction was too run! he pretty Much said "FUCK YOU BABY YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN!!" For days I was afraid they would tell his mother. Lol and his mother never says anythig But everytime she smiled at me I thought she knew (In her Mind shes probably thinking this slut is corrupting My baby Boy... and Of course I did) 

What Would You do If you decided to be Spontaneous and make things Exciting by having sex outside, and then all of a sudden You Get Caught? What would You do if you got caught and Your Partner bailed out on you?

1. When do you feel like a naughty mommy?
2. A Celebrity that makes you think naughty things!
3. Post a picture that is rated PG or PG13 but that always makes you think naughty!
4. Tell me about your first kiss!
5. Do you "prune your lady garden"? For naughty reasons or other reasons?


1.Whenever I tell the LO to go to daddy that mommy needs to be alone. But if you mean sexually, lol anytime we are out in public like the movies shopping i have no idea why but the mr. laughs an says i have a problem.2.hmmm Ricardo Antonia Chavira aka "Carlos Solis"

not sure Why but i guess his character in Desperate Housewives, lol the mr. is tired of hearing what i think of this guy (not sure how i feel about him shaven but ill work it out)

3.well imma do a G rated Picture since this wont be sexual
This Is him checking out the premises making sure No one is watching! ( Jayden Mommy Is always watching) Except 2 minutes after that when i heard a Bang in the Kitchen and this Booger had taken out the seasonings and poured out the pepper and Salt! Damn baby!

And thats the Face he does right before he either runs off with something he shouldn't have. Throws something because hes mad, or just did smething bad. ( to my surprise It smelled like shit.. So i spent Like 10 Minutes looking around for Shit but he was just farting and it smelled like shit!)

4.wow I know I must of Kissed this One boy when i was 5 But dont remember a specific time so it doesnt count Lol The first Kiss I do remember (and not in a good way) Is when iwas 12 or 13 we were at a party and well that was my BF Yuck I Kissed him and well lets Just say i would have rather made out with a dog . The dog woud have left less Slobber in my mouth YUCK! ( I Just gagged)

5. Wow Havnt Heard Prune in a while... and yes I do, I dont Just Snip and cut, I make sure its freaking Hairless, I dont Like Hair in My food, Im sure Hubby Doesnt Either ; )

"30 Day Journal"
Day 29 - hopes,dreams and plans for the next 365 days
To Move By November/ December
Take another PR Vacation
A Cruise in 2011 
Celebrate LO's Birthday Real Big
Hope to Finish School By Next Fall
Take My Make Up Masters Courses next year 
a few Other courses not Offered In the Make Up Masters Course.
Conceive Baby #2
Start Jayden In preeschool By next Fall


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  3. Awesome story!! I also have a thing for "Carlos Solis" Can you say Yummy!

  4. If I had been you, the hubby would've gotten shot. I mean he left his wife bare-assed for a creeper! Come on! Haha

  5. I would kill my husband if he bailed one me like that!! Great story though. I like that you're adventurous. I tried it in a pool once too, but it also got complicated with the water and I just wasn't feeling it.

  6. OMG...I would probably with hold the goods from my man for years if he sold me out like that! LOL Great story for sure!