Thursday, November 11, 2010

22 Months, Veterans Day, Happy Birthday and a Busted Lip!

Yay For Thursday Its veterans Day which means No School which means Kids are Home, which sadly means NO SHOPPING!  as some of you know My Mr. is a veteran having served 4 years in The U.S Navy so Proud of Him But even more proud having him Home! I'd Like to Thank Him and all Our other Veterans who served and those who still continue to serve in the Armed Forces!

My LO is 22 Months Today I can not Believe this Im scared for these next 2 Months to Go by I dont want him to get older Cuz Next I will be Celebrating his 3rd Birthday and I might Just cry!

Happy Birthday My Love Can't Believe How Old we are all getting! Shh! we are 18 lol for the next 6 years!

and Finally The Best Part of Thursday My Busted Lip! My wonderful almost 2 year old was playing By mommy while mommy was talking to Daddy who was so Kindly getting ready to take himself and the LO to the grocery store to return the movies we rented from the Red Box and to buy some things while I got some Time Alone Since I had LO all Day cuz the Mr. Had to Take an Exam This Morning [We will get to the exam Later]  He was Playing with a whish and threw it at me and it hits my Lip and as i cup my Mouth Tears Build Up in my eyes and I begin to cry.. The Effing SHit HURT the Mr. sees it Yells at LO and comes to see what happened when i finally  look up at him I can feel my self drooling and of course theres Blood not alot but my left side of my lip is swollen Freaking Little baby. Part of me wanted to blame the Mr. WTF was a Whisk doing in our bedroom?   exactly!  so Now I have a Fat Lip Yay me

Well the Mr. went To take an Exam Today and If that goes well [WHich it better or im kicking his ass] that means Good things and better things for us!

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