Wednesday, November 10, 2010

"I can't Have people Over when My Parents aren't Home" [Not Mommy Blog Approved]

One Crazy Brunette Chick

Ok so today is Wicked Wednesday with the Bad Girl Bloggers, and Todays Theme is Wicked Dating!

Well I tried to see a wickedly good one and I have a few and  fun ones but this time Imma Focus on the BAD Horrible Unbelievable ones and yes there is one In particular that stands out to me.

    Back in 2006 Fresh out of High school there was a Guy I worked with he always looked cute well there was 2, but this one  looked better in his clothes! sweet funny all of the above and more. well we always flirted and finally he asked if i wanted to go out with him, I said sure... in middle school that would have meant be my girlfriend but we were over 18 and I assumed that would be a date for the next week or so he'd call me we'd talk on the Phone till all hours of the night I even remember one night staying up till 6 am when my cousin asked me to take her to school  i slept that whole next day. 

   Any ways When our date finally came that friday Night i was excited, except he calls and asked what time id be picking HIM UP Um What??? ill meet you there or you come get me... Nope this nigga has no car?? how the hell did i not know this ok not every one has a car so i got ready and went to go get him I get there and [ok keep in mind i only see this guy at work in nice dress pants shirt and tie] he comes out the house in some running sneaks a blue Polo some khaki pants and a black Leather Jacket WTF!!!!! are you serious and I have to be seen in Public with him Um oh god!   Ok so im like  thats what youre wearing he said yea and bragged about his "Cool" leather Jacket... so I say ok lets go. He says "hold on can you come in and MEET MY MOM???" [Ok WTF did he just ask me] im like no lets just Go he said please I cant Go unless she knows who Im going with [ again WTF???] I start taking off my seat belt cursing and thinking out loud " you must be fucking shitting me" I go in say hi  she starts the interrogation process and assigning curfew ...[ lady im damn near 19 years old my momma aint give me a curfew WTF you giving your 20 year old a curfew...] she asked where we were going and the original plan was to go dinner and maybe some bowling but after seeing his Wardrobe Malfunction I said Movies!

     we get to the mall where the theatre was at and he wants to walk around holding my hand and i'm like lets just go get  our tickets. [ i mean he seriously looked embarrassing.]  we get in the theatre and this nigga is all Over me ok seriously calm down Boy im not your bitch in heat. plus im still disgusted by his wardrobe. [yes something as simple as that will get me turned off]   well Im horny  i did take 2006 to be single as i took 2005 to date like crazy  and have bf's left and right  so i dated in 06 but just wanted to date  cuz i had gotten out of a relationship and didnt want anything serious well ok we start kissing and his disgusting clothes is still on my mind, he seemed to slobber so i stopped kissing [in all honesty all i wanted was to get my pussy eaten out ]  
    well i put my hand on his leg and he starts laughing out loud in the theatre by this point I say im tired i wanna leave so we leave... having some hope that this stupid ass will go down on me i take him home and luckily his mom aint home.... im like can i come in [ at this point in time i wasnt having sex yet and he knew that]  he said do you want to watch a movie or something I straight up said "NO! I want you to eat my pussy" i mean i didnt want to beat around the bush any more i didnt wanna go in get slobbered on  some more and have this idiot expect me to give him any i just wanted mine call me selfish but this dude was beyond stupid!  

    well after I tell him I want to eat my pussy he then says My moms not home Im like Ok Good  lets go... he then says  and I quote "I can't Have people over when my parents aren't Home!" [ OMG WTF!!! did he really just say that an almost 21 year old just told me he cant have company when hes home alone... he then proceeded with "you can park some where and i can do it in the car" Typically im all for public shit but by this time i wanted to spit in his face  i said no im tired kicked him out my car before he could slobber me good bye and there he went, he called several times i saw him at work.
  eventually I told him I was seeing My BFF Brother named Austin... she has No brother! Austin was My Army recruiter well that was his last name.  I told Him Its OVEr... in this niggas Mind i was his girlfriend, at work I told him I had lost my virginity to "Austin" and he starts crying and walks out the back of the store LMFAO he calls me a few weeks later [Thankfully i had been transfered to the mall ] tells me he doesnt care that he loves me and he wants to see me doesnt care if i lost my virginity to that guy he offers to go down on me [ im thinking hmm ill take it  but NO!]  when I Finally tell him to stop caling its Over [for like the 10th time] he goes NO! im like what do you mean No? he goes "NO! I mean NO!"  I laughed so hard that i couldnt talk handed the phone to my bff who got really annoyed..
    This has got to be one of the weirdest Most annoying First dates EVER! His name was daniel and I cant think of his last name if i could id surly put him on blast lol and if i had a picture that would be right on up here too!

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  1. Hahaha! Oh my gosh! You've got to be kidding me! This is hilarious!!!