Tuesday, November 16, 2010

3 Years ago Today... "Do You Want To...."

    So I started this last night But, Being so exhausted I just closed my laptop and said Fuck everything....well,

     3 Years ago Last Night [11.15.07] the Mr. took me to Guadalajara City Cafe In Downtown Norfolk, VA and pulled Out a ring... It wasn't Until 12:01 am [11.16.07] That I finally accepted his Proposal! I ♥ you Juan Carlos Aponte

      I can't Believe it has really Been 3 years since he proposed to me well Kinda lol, We were going to the Place where he had taken me several times before since I love Mexican food! [Him not so much!] 
    We  had been filling up on chips and Salsa when our food finally came out I was sipping on my pink lemondade when the waiter comes to fill up on our water Glasses.  When I look up i see the Mr. Fidgiting with something under the table I ask him whats wrong? he smiles and says Nothing with his face turning red and I knew he was embarrassed about something. 
       Well Ok I didnt think anything Of it untill I see a little Gray box Come up and Over the table and he Quickly Put it back down.  I quickly got up and ran to his side of the booth and smiled as I saw him holding that Ring! it was A complete Shock to me! the waiter just sat ther smiling and i was all like ok.. creeper Much?? lol so in a very Low tone he asks me "So... Do you want to?"[ ok sorry baby but that sounded like a highschool boy just tried asking me if i wanted to have sex for the first time, might I add he was more aggressive tryna get sex than giving me that ring LOL] Im a bitch and i of cours took the box moved back to my side and said "hmmm, I'll think about it!" 
    we ate he kissed me as we walked back to the parking garage we head back to base and we are making out in the car where again the subject of the ring came back up and all I kept doing was staring at the Clock. and exactly at 12:01am I smiled and said Yes I will! we kissed  and then the little perve tries making a Move towards my bra! Fucker lol... 

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  1. This is really sweet! Happy 3 years beautiful and here's to many more!

  2. Awww..happy 3 year proposal'versary? LOL

    Leave it to a guy to slip sex into a sweet moment, right?

  3. That is so sweet! Congratulations!

    Thanks for linking up with us on the train ride this week! We are looking forward to seeing you next week!