Monday, November 15, 2010

Moving on From Yesterdays Disaster!

After yesterdays Ridiculous news from My sister I had no want to do anything, i was beyond stressed that not even doubling up on Motrin Helped me out with the Ginormous Headache I had. after Thinking and thinking I have ome to the Conclusion She is Just messing with me [although the Mr. Insists I am in denial] and that she wouldn't be that stupid as to marry this guy. [Shes said it her self she doesn't want to be married, she doesnt want kids, so I hope a few drinks in her system didnt make her commit such a stupid mistake] But moving on from on Disaster to Another

My cousin Had my Minivan for the Last week or so, yes the one thast been acting up and well finally on Saturday night the darn thing shuts off on her leaving her stranded! LOL I think this is funny since I Told her to stop Driving it UNTIL i replace the battery, get the alternator check and have a look at the Fuel Pump, well she says "Its like Russian Roulette... Im addicted" she likes to see how much the car can handle and if it will make it to work or her friends house lol shes crazy, so Hoping this is just a dead battery that wont hold a charge any more becasue now it wont even jump start, I will be getting that Fixed today or tommorow!


Sunday our Play off game,

We [Team Atletico] were playing against the Grey Team [Blood, Sweat, and Beers], we scored the first goal,  Then for the 2nd  half they scored a goal we were tied and out of nowhere before the game ended we scored Goal number 2 WOOHOO 2-1 Team ATletico WIns the play offs onto semi-Finals at Noon!!!

Ok so to make the fact that we were already tired from our 8:30 am game Our Noon game was on a field a little under 2 times bigger than the normal fields we've been playing on! On a football field that was our semi Final field A wider Field a Longer field, all in all a more exhausting field!  We [Team Atletico] Played against the Green Team [Nitro Gators] The Number 1 team in the league and we had ranked 3rd, well they scored the First Goal and we well we tied it up both goals made on 2nd half! At the end of the 2nd half we had  tied which left it all up to Penalty Kicks, Rules: 5 people 5 kicks , 2 of which had to be females, Both our females missed their penalty kick, and only one of theirs did, all 3 of our guys got it in, and so did all 3 of their guys, so That left them with a total of 5 goals and leaving us with a total of 4!  We Lost The Semi Finals 4-5 Great Jobs ATLETICO and Congrats NITRO GATORS!  There was 2  teams still playing the last round of Semi Finals and the winners of that  game will go onto Play on Sundays Finals! This was a first season for our team, some people whom had never played others who had not ever played coed. I think I was one of the onli ones that had played on a coed team, But it took the guys a while to get used to playing against females and by this last game they didnt give 2 shits if you were male or female, They were determined to take you down lol, the women well through out the season and the girly screaming most of them improved and These last 2 games I saw a GREAT improvement on them and their aggression and then there are the other 2 oh geez pease DO NOT EVEN TELL THEM WHEN INDOOR STARTS!

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