Sunday, November 7, 2010

Almost Forgot Spotlight Saturday

Saturday Well it was Just Hectic AFter getting a new Waitress at work  to replace me so That I dont have to be there we still have the problem where My Aunt wont show up early enough to do her job as manager so Still i have tp be ther in case there is an error with the computer voids anything of that nature! but It just felt like there were all of us there and none of us were doing anything UGH annoying! Any ways All I keep hearing is that I complain too much and I agree I DO but it aint my fault people are so damn STUPID! Moving On...

I rushed home with enough time to give my Mr. a kiss and he rushed out the door I got an hour to myself before the LO woke up when he got up I decided to make some bows, Since the holidays are Coming Up Ive given several to my aunt for her daughters but I never get tired of making them Today I made a new one red and white for tommorows Game and I also Mad one out of Fabric By cutting htem in to squeares Thats one of My favorites because you can use all sorts of NEAT patterns...

Also Took Silly Pictures with My baby on the web Cam. Hes so silly.  Tommorow is our Last Game before the Play Offs Im smelling another win Our scores so far 5 Wins 1 Lose 1 tie leaves us with a score of 5.5 divided By 7 games which we are at about 79% we win tommorows Gae we will be 81% probably still In 3rd place but still a win is a win!! Wish Us Luck! 

Dont forget to set your time back One Hour!  Lol i always get confuse cuz usually my phone and Laptop do it automatically but when I wake up in the morning I never know IF i think it changed or if it really did DAMN IT!

And Now I alost forgot!

This Weeks Spot light goes To:


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