Saturday, November 6, 2010

Saturday 6 and work

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Its Time for Saturday 6 with Boobies and Zombie HouseWife

Do you still celebrate your birthday?
What's your favorite kind of cake?
Craziest thing you've ever done for your birthday?
What's your sign? 
Best present you've ever gotten on your special day?
Worst gift?

1.Hell yes I do 2 times a year, it started back in Highschool! once in January 19 my birth day and once on July 19th My Half Birthday
2.I like  this fruit cake wfilled with some sort of custard That sell at a local bakery Yum! we got it for my sons birthday and it was delish.
3. for my 21st i had a baby lol well right before that so that was pretty crazy but I think it would have to be hmmm south beach when i got completely Drunk at this all you can drink bar  and ended up flashing a taxi driver when our friends pulled Up so they could have gotten that ride fore free, i was so drunk i woke up sittkng down in one of the chairs in the lounge section over a trashcan puking my ass off I was walked back to my hotel by a promoter well I was walked to the pizza place by a promoter then carried from there to my hotel lol, I was hungover for 2 days...  my so called friends and my sister dipped out on me to go get layed i show up to a hotel room to a bunch of naked chicks wtf!  i just picked a bed and rolled into bed with one but i still wont let them live that night down!
4. Capricorn!
5.My son! he was born a week before my birthday,  But my husband is pretty good at giving me meaningful things on my birthday romantic dinners, love letters,  jewelry, he learned the hard way that I hate Bracelets and prefer rings or earlings lol. Nothing tops my Mr. being romantic and spoiling me on my special than my son being born!
6. 2010 my princess [dog] died a few days before my birthday that had to be the worst although its not a present its the worst that could have happened to me. I still miss her.  But the worst gift I dunno maybe clothes when i was younger as an adult im pretty clear on what id want and i almost always get it if not on that day then a week or so later or earlier! 

Ok off to work Late as effing hell! i still have to go to the bank to deposit the mr.s check!

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  1. mmmm custard cake me too, its either that or grasshopper pie ...cant decide which i like more