Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Blah Kinda Day & Giveaway!

Today Is one of those days where I have SOOOO Much to Do Planned on doing it BUT am I doing It???


I have one corner of the bedroom to clean Up! I would have finished that Corner had I not woken up to reclean the rest of the room that The LO so Kindly Destroyed { might I mention In search for the halloween Candy Bag.. Which is now in  our closet! Chocolate is not a breakfast ITEM!}

We had Brunch with My Daddy (Whose Team is working the night shift this week) My Little (taller than me) brother His Girlfriend ( who just never leaves I swear she lives here lol ) MY Main Man and Little man! Yumm  it was a good Morning!


Ive been Lazing about working On Some Holiday Themed Bows For the cousins  to wear! Yes Im a little early to start on Christmas But I love making things and right now Im SICK of the sewing Machine after the disaster with My Snow white skirt Oh  God Help Me if i touch that thing and it starts acting up again Lol....

Well  Off to finishing Making Bows then to the Library to Return my overdue books Marinating tonights dinner than the worst of it all LAUNDRY UGH!!!


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  1. hi. i'm new to following your blog & would love a follow back. thanks!

  2. Hi! Thanks for stopping by Frugal Invitation today! I am now following you back!! You aren't giving me much hope with the sewing machine idea! I'm thinking about buying one :)