Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I Love My Mr.

     To Start Off  I'd like to say I Love My Husband and i know how absoluely Lucky I am to have him. I need Him as Much as He needs me!

    Some days I wake up and decide its Bitch Day and well Hubby gets to deal with it I complain and yell and text him mean things, Most days I just text when Im frustrated when our Son decides he wants to be a BITCH like mommy Lol geez aint Karma Like smacking ya right in the Face. Well any ways

    Today as I go Into the Laundry Mat There is some Child screaming Im thinking like late 3 early 4 and Im Thinking God cant people shut their children Up.. I mean I get it You cant control them but she was screetching Like a spoiled brat Like my 1 and half year old does when he wants something or doesnt want to do something and we are working on fixing that In my Sons defense he is almost 2 understands but is still trying to test my boundries this girl is about to start school! any ways The mother politely Insists she stops tries calming her the gir is crying screaming Screetching By this time im ready to Pop the girl then the mother but I just smile giving her an understanding Grin as my almost 2 year old Eye balls this Little brat! This didnt look like a tantrum it looked more like an everyday Behavior! Any ways The girl then starts screaming PAPI PAPI PAPI for a good 10 minutes the mom sayd Hes not Here you will see him when we get home { in spanish of course] after another 5 minutes the mom leans in to her and threatens her LMAO this might sound mean but i wouldnt Have threatened i probably would have spanked her then and there [Nothing abusive but still a nice little swat to the thigh would calm her right down] ANy ways she leans in and in spanish tells her wait till we get Home you'll see Little girl screams NO!!! I smile at her again with an approving grin and she then says in english Yes sweetie you will see daddy when we get home drink your juice lol tryna play off the threat!! LMAO
{theres a reason for that little story}

     ANy ways we leave go grocery shopping come back pop clothes in the Dryer leave to go get a burger where the drive through attendants speaks not one word of ENglish! Unless its something on the menu this chick was blank I asked for sweet & sour  and a cup of ice she hands S&S to me with a blank look i then repeat a cup of ice  and im like maybe she cant hear then again a cup of ice by the 3rd time she kind of giggled to where the Mr. yelled out in spanish A CUP OF ICE and i laughed! then she said oh ok! hahah she brings it to me with no Lid {it was for the LO]  i ask her for a lid Gesturing to the cup so shed understand! she hands it to me then again with the straw! Geez

     Anyways back to My hubby story.... we go back  to the laundry mat and the womans husband /girls dad what ever was there onli it took me a hwile to realize this since the lady is folding laundry the little girl is running around like Donny from the wild Thronberrys! {in other words a WILD CHILD] and eventually  i hear the woman say something about come sit down over here close to mami and papi and im like WOW THATS HER HUSBAND!!! hes been texting and glancing at the Tv while she folds laundry... OH HELL NO!!! i dont care what you were doing before you came You WILL help me fold laundry! geez i f he were that tired he would have gone home!

    I thank God my husband Does things so that we are equals we might do more of somethings but  we even out in the end I cook dinner  and he does the dishes! I mean I dont have to tell him or ask him hes just Like that. I get home from work he wants to rub my back or treat me to a pedicure on sunday after a long week. If hes off he will let me sleep in or take the LO to another room so I can relax I love it I feel bad sometimes because LO is almost always with him BUT in Mydefense Im usally running errands Faxing papers making calls paying bills or working on something that will benefit the 3 of us like cleaning or more cleaning lol stuff like that! But He does his best to try and help Out even when I say he doesnt an I love that. I love that He never feels the urge to  want to stray Go out clubbig ALone drinking or anything of that Nature, But in steak Video Games are his Mistresses and well Ill take it Cant have it all right?

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  1. Its rather shocking how parents let their kids act. But it'll come back to them in the future when they're teenagers. lol

    Sounds like a great husband! :D

  2. I take my husband for granted at times; he is a big help to me.

    But sometimes he is going to have to hear me bitch and moan; that's why I married him.

  3. @piggys pen I GET SOOOOO Embarassed when My LO Acts up OMG!

    @Ange I know I do Too I feel like his mom when I tell Him to do things! IM JUST GLAD HE hasnt flipped out on me and back handed me telling me to STFU lol thats what Id do haha I think Im a little abusive thank god im a woman if i were a man god onli knows How Id be!

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