Monday, November 29, 2010

Ecstasy W/ a new Toy and a Train!

    The Mr. and I received a package (addressed to me) in the mail on Friday, thanks to this unwelcome bitch (AF) overstaying her welcome, we could not immediately enjoy the contents of our package. A new toy for the Mr. and I to enjoy. Saturday This Bitch is finally leaving but no where near gone ( plus the sheer exhaustion from my work week had me wiped out by the time LO was in bed) . Sunday my only day off, and a day the Mr. decided he would take off as well, we decide that while the LO is sleeping we will make our way to the basement and enjoy a nice movie while he sleeps. Luckily the Mr. brought the package down ( hmm i think he planned the whole thing lol), any ways we gave this toy a whirl for the first time and it was AMAZING. I plan on using it a few more time with him BEFORE I write up my Review, but I found that the best position for this is Me on top ( a position I would Normally hate) and I LOVED IT!

    Nonetheless its Tuesday and we all know what that means.... Time for 2 of My Favorite ladii's Boobies with Follow Me back Tuesday and Christy with Tuesday Train, so Hop on over and Link up read a few blogs and gain a few new followers!


   The Mr. will be taking his first ride on the Metro... a scary thought especially since he doesn't know this area and he will be going alone! I'll be damned if im hopping on a damn metro at 6:30 AM I will agree to drop him off at the Metro Station and be Kind enough to pick him up when he arrives but thats about ALL I can promise, plus if I go what the hell am I supposed to do while hes in his meeting?? My biggest worry about this is him having to switch from the Orange Line to the Blue Line. Uh Oh!! I wish I could go with him on his First Ride Him and Jayden could experience it together, BUT 10 bucks a piece to go and come back um no! ( if there werent so much traffic I would drive him and save the 10 bucks for gas)


  1. love the new design! I want one! LOL! Love the big banners of the toys too! Silly girl!

  2. Thanks for jumping on the Train. Have a great week! We'll talk to you later!