Tuesday, November 30, 2010

21 questions [Not mommy Blog Approved] With Daisy

Are you naughty or nice

1. Had sex in car older than a 1985 model? Nope
2. Played strip poker and lost?Played but have not Lost, atleast not lost it all lol so Nice
3. name three celebrities you would like to bang the sh!tz out of. 
4. Ever gone commando? Of Course Naughty
5.Open relationship? I personally wouldnt want to but no problems with others doing it.
6. you have been naughty what is your punishment? Lol its up to the mr.
7. ticklish? Not really but i can be
8. spit or swallow? Spit
9. is rear entry an option? its an option, just not one i ever choose lol thats a no-no Thought about it, Mr. is into it but Nope
10. What would you do for a Klondike bar? Lol not much
11. Truth or Dare? (Truth have you ever been with more than 1 person in one day? or show a tasteful picture of cleavage/boobs or guys a boxer shot)

12. BDSM? Hmmm Nope
13. Does this picture make you horny or hungry? Its kinda kreepy!
14.You order a pizza...would you ever flash the delivery guy at the door? yup
15. Are you horny?kinda but really tired
16. Leather or lace? lace
17. silk ties or hand cuffs? hand cuffs 
18. Thongs? Boy shorts? Grannie panties? lace? g strings
19. eyes open or closed? open
20. romance or kink? hmmm both

and lastly
21. would you rather take a bath in chocolate pudding or drive around the town naked in your car? ewww yuck definately drive bare assed around time the thought of being sticky is disgusting!


  1. Cool answers! And yes, I completely agree with you on the chocolate pudding. I wouldn't mind a little bit, especially if someone was going to lick it off (hehe), but bathing in it sounds really unattractive.

    LGS xx

  2. Hot picture chica! I love that you left your punishment up to the MR! That is hot ;)
    Think I may have to go commando!
    Thanks for linking up and Happy Hump Day!

  3. Awesome answers & picture! :)