Friday, November 12, 2010

Fawk You and Finally Friday!

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  • Fuck You  to the person who set up the Play offs! I swear they did this on purpose! got us playing one of the hardest team we already played and then once we win we play the Number 1 team in the league on the same day {we ranked in 3rd}
  • Fuck You to the Little Girl {yes a little girl} who slammed the door on My little mans Fingers!
  • Fuck you to my Dad Who Acted like it was No big deal and defended the little brat as I threatened to slamm hers so he could see if it really was alright
  • Fuck You to this Job Make up your mind Is the Mr. going or staying we cant make a move untill we know im tired of being at my parents! I dont want to get a place only to find i have to break yet ANOTHER lease to move again! The last lanlord tried suing me for 8k till my attorney fought it  because we had been transffered!
  • Fuck you to my Parents who up and decided to buy My brother a 2011 BMW as his first fucking car... seriously???  and its stick shift? this shit costs over 70 grand?!? My first car was bought cash for 1k, and then I HAD TO WORK to FINANCE a car!  this nigga dont even got a job. 
  • Fuck you to the fact that my parents Complain abot money.. But Can Afford to Finance a 70k car!
  • Fuck you to any feelings of Sympathy I had for them and "ALL their Bills" if they can afford that car Um money must not be that tight, unless they tryna pull one over on the Mr. and me..
  • Fuck you to this worthless work week ugh im beyond fucking tired and it will be a 7 day week for me!
  • Fuck you to the Mr. who has been tryna be slick and sleep in even though hes had days off and i have to be at work early.
  • Fuck You to people who do not seem to Understand to READ my blog before following me! I am a Mommy, But this is not a Mommy blog, It is a blog about me yes that includes my fmily But no family is all happy faces rainbows and fucking sunshine, I will post good and bad take it or leave it or just dont fucking follow me, I will follow u if you really want me too but will not garauntee i will read you!
  •  Fuck you to BLOGGER who up and decided not to Post this at the scheduled time last night since i went to sleep!  Thats 2 days in a fucking row!

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  1. Let me tell you, people who bitch about money and then throw it away? They really make my shit list! Great Fuck Yous!

  2. I'm with D. Scandal on this. I have a real problem with people like that. The fact it's your parents adds to it.

  3. I love your Fawk You's this week! I'm the same way, I'll follow you back but can't guarantee I'll read!

    Have a great Friday girl!


  4. New follower :)
    Happy Friday!