Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Marriage and Compromise

   Marriage is one of those things where you give and take.   Sometimes you give a little more than you take, and other times you take alot more than you give. Well the Mr. and I always seem to be comprimising, mostly about silly things, although I think he gets the better end of the deal.

   I will cook dinner, and after dinner, he will ask "You got the dishes?" I very rudely politely respond "Fuck No! I cooked." Lol ok he laughs it off starts washing dishes and as I try and sneak away and leave the Little Monster in his high chair, when I'm startled by "Where are you going!?" lol "Upstairs..."  "You're not gonna clean up the table?" lol ok I guess I should do that since he did the dishes, But wait he is only washing like 4 plates I washed the pots and pans. That is just about a nightly (after dinner) conversation now lol.  I cook, he does dishes, I clean up, he gets the monster, unless I cook, I do the dishes, He cleans up, and then takes the monster, and of course the 3rd option, I cook, I do the dishes, I clean up, but he gets the monster! Lol he gets the Monster always!

  Well Tonight went a little like this: We had left over chicken from last night I did make some steamed broccoli, corn on the cob, and mac and cheese. When dinner is over I tell him I need some things to take care of AF ( yes he goes out to buy me AF products) he says ok since he has to return the redbox movie, I also ask for him to get the monster some nuggets since he barely ate his dinner, and he agreed.  Then theres the look of who gets the monster... Lol I say take him with you, he says he can stay, I then try and bribe him, and he gives in, BUT ( theres always a but) "You do the dishes, and clean up" WTF ??? his response to that was "I have to go get Jayden and me ready!" BOOO you suck! lol ok fine.  We finished at about the same time I'm about to head upstairs as they are heading downstairs.
   The LO loves daddy, but hes a mommas boy he knows one sweet little smile and I melt, and thats when he gets his way. He also knows mommy has a temper and when mommy yells she means business, no tone in daddys voice could compare to the fear he gets when mom yells out NO! or JAYDEN! Even when I'm not in the room.  I love when the Mr. lets me get the "ME" Time I crave/need! Especially on his days off.

Well I'm off to watch sunday nights episode of Desperate Housewives!

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