Saturday, November 20, 2010

New site Look

since My busy schedule will not allow me to work on my blog look for hours at a time I will be making Changes here and there untill I get something I LOVE for Now that is the new Header and a new matching Button Until I perfect it. Busy week exhausting day, But My little man is Loving his new Toddler bed Maybe its because its toystory he loves being in it pretending to sleep in it and even lays down in it lol what a cutie! Poor woody is already chipped and scratched and he was purchased this morning The little RC car or what ever can handle a good beating even flew off the kitchen table and hes still going.. as for buzz his eyes are messed up! Im just glad im not them... 

Be patient with me the Next few weeks Work is crazy Life at home is busy and sleep is almost Non Existent!

have a great weekend!

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