Thursday, November 18, 2010

This Friday Is Full Of Fuck Yous!

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Please Remember This is My Blog and If you don't Like My Language then DON'T Read it!

1. FUCK YOU to this FUCKING CAR! OMG how many Times do You have to act STUPID!

2.FUCK YOU to WALMART for being EVIL GENIUSES and Stocking up the WHOLE ENTRANCE,  with Possible Christmas Toys But Worse than That all TOY STORY TOYS, My LO walks in and points and starts wanting anything BUZZ LIGHTYEAR!! ok are you serious 50 bucks for a doll UGH WHY!! we shoulda gone to the dollar STORE lol [ he got a 6" buzz Lightyear action figure for 12 bucks!]

3.FUCK YOU to this Nigga Who SOme how managed to Convince My sister to Marry him ruining the rest of her Life [Still have hope this is one giant SICK JOKE!]

4. FUCK YOU to the Beer Delivery Guy who decides the parking Lot is an Unloading zone and Blocks off all the parking spots outside of work.

5.FUCK YOU to my cousins who think My grandmother shits out Money, and that they can send text messages Like crazy While visiting my grandma from her Phone.
6. FUCKYOU to these Damn Bills!
7.FUCK YOU to the damn Housing association WHo has to charge a Bunch of fees for no damn Reason!
8. FUCK YOU TOY STORY 3 How Can I walk into toys R Us to  shop around for Christmas Gifts with My almost 2 year old Giving me that cute little Face that he wants everything on your damn Shelves TOY STORY 3 Related,
9. FUCK YOU Toys R US! We will Be buying our son a Toy Story Bed tommorow and his matching bedset next week Because these Bastards are Sold out!  UGH! How am I supposed to Give my son a gift thats incomplete and I know I CANT wait to give him his Bed ALthough I wanted to get him that big rocket Ship bed Well 200 Bucks and some change aint worth it when he has a perfecty good full size bed.

10. And Finally FUCK YOU to the MR. for getting that Damn Speeding ticket  which we have to Spend SHopping Money on! No gifts for him this christmas UGH!


  1. I totally agree with the car thing. Ours sucks ballz.

  2. Buzz Lightyear is huge in our house too. And I ALWAYS stress about money at Christmas. I barely have enough for the rest of the year, let alone one holiday.

  3. I want to say Fawk you to walmart too! Those displays are traps!!