Monday, November 8, 2010

Our Last Game before playoffs

     Todays game was Very Intense!  we ended our fall session with a tied 2-2 with the last goal being made in the last 5 minutes as i stood there and watched it happen the goile pushed it out, one guy fell and as i sat there asking the other player who had fallen are you ok another member from their team heads the ball into the goal Wow was i furious but all in all it is just a game we are still in 3rd place dropped to 75% but how do we tie with one of the worst teams in the league?  they have won 1 game lost 6 and tied 1 WTF! any ways ive come to the conclusion my Team mates Suck! and i will most likely be joining a different team. my team has no sportsmanship are sore losers and curse way too much on the field.
    The problem with the cursing is they get yellow carded or thrown out the game we have one player who kept calling the ref a "Racist Motherfucker" she will be sitting out at next weeks game! one of our players was about to start fighting one of the other players there was so much pushing and shoving from across the field I yelled "HEY!" wow i was very dissapointed in our team not for the tie but with the way they acted... I was Embarrassed. Its supposed to be a friendly game not the orld cup Chill out is it really worth getting injured?
   Speaking of injuries when i got home after spending and hour and a half out spending money in my soccer uniform, i take off my sneakers and see that my sock is covered in what looks like blood hmmm ok maybe its just dirt or something in the shoe. bt nope I take off the sock and damn right theres blood! from where I have no Idea so i just left it alone!
    I got to play on another team today and I will say they have great sportsmanship ad i would Love to play for them next season for indoor. the team that played after us [the other red team] asked for a female to play on the field with them since they were one man down so I volunteered for the first half.
    Play off schedules will be posted tommorow im excited to see who we will be playing first and winter indoor soccer starts next week I think the mr. will be woing basketball.

I think she was hungover lol

The Bald one Ugh I hate him the one with the blue sleeve Ball Hog and the anerexic one on the right he has sat out since this game which was our 3rd and has been "Coaching" saying he is injured but I hate him as well Effin WHiner!

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