Monday, November 8, 2010

Tuesday Train, FMBT and a Vent [Probably not Mommy Blog Approved]

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OK So Here Goes My vent!

I get a random Text from the Mr. right before & PM and im thinking Hmm Strange he never texts me while working The text message said "Hey baby what are you doing?"  ...I texted back" right Now Nothing jayden woke Up screaming and throwing a tantrum.... Why Whats Up?"  he took a while to respong But when he finally did he said " I got a ticket" I text back "Doing What?" his response "Speeding" OMFG Why the hell would he wait to tell me 3 hours later! why the hell was he speeding he was only going to work and he wasn't even running Late! This Idiot wasn't even going 5 or 10 over the speed Limit he was going a full Blown 25 MPH over the Limit  anything over 20 In Fairfax County is Considered RECKLESS! Geez way to Go so Instead of taking that Money shopping Or whatever else I wanna do with it Im writing yet another check to the county of fairfax so they can continue to buy these awsome police cars that can be undercover and keep fucking me over and giving us more tickets Thank you baby I FUCKING APPRECIATE it! Like paying property taxes wasnt enough! Geez! Well i told him That monesy not coming out of his pay check or mine so he better go find some side work or sell his ass at the corner cuz I know damn well I aint giving up no 200 Bucks cuz he decided to speed his happy Puerto Rican ass to work probably blasting the damn radio! and hes snoring right now I feel like grabbing the damn ticket and gving Him a freaking papercut!  

Yes I know I sound like a bitch and im overreacting and I get that But how many times must i tell him not to speed Fairfax County dont Play!  If he wanted to waste 200 Bucks He could have just given it to me I would have taken care of it. And then he wants to brush it off like  its ok sure it will be ok when the increase my insurance premium which renews this month UGH! Ok Im done cuz i might seriously cut him in his sleep!

Moving On

I have a Full Work Week yay me [NOT!]  Have Play offs sunday if we win the first game we will have a 2nd game at noon that day UGH! Im thinking of not showing up im so tired right now { and i am ready to kill the mr. who is snoring Loud as hell I mean damn roll over or ill smother u] Yes im annoyed by him today and the way he decided to tell me about his ticket. 


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  3. All my kids have had a ticket and my husband has had a speeding ticket. I'm the only one who never has. I should probably knock on wood for that comment. I think everyone has the need for speed once in a while. He just needs to learn that 25mph over is a bit much.

  4. Luckily my boys are not driving yet (soon) and hubs is professional driver so he needs to keep his tickets to minimum.

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