Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas 2010 {Pic Overload}

  Hope everyone had a great Christmas. Our Family Christmas celebration happens on the 24th ( Christmas Eve) We have dinner, dancing, games, gift exchanges, and of course some drinking (for some ALOT of drinking lol).

  Our Christmas started with taking our minivan to the mechanic to drop it off ( yet again) because it is pouring out transmission fluid. Then after that one hour road trip ( round trip) we had to do last minute stops at like 5 different stores to get the last of the gift cards that were being used for the games/raffles/ and bingo.

  Dinner was served super late, some had been drinking long before the dinner so by the time dinner came they were done! soon after dinner we handed out the gifts to all the kids and such and proceeded to the games, Sadly We ( the Mr. Jayden, and Myself) only one a 15 dollar giftcard to walmart! But we were happy with what we won =D.

Food Yum!

We all stood around for Prayer holding hands, the circle went all around the restaurant.

   Our night ended a little after 3am, after getting the LO ready for bed setting up the milk and cookies for Santa, then the LO didn't want to go to sleep, just laughed at us!

"Jayden Santa Won't Come until you go to sleep!"

   On a positive note, we did manage a tree for our Baby Boy, its about 2 feet tall, a table top tree. The Fugliest thing I've ever seen, but we managed to get it all decorated and looking decent for the LO. we hung 3 stockings for the 3 of us. All his gifts from us were Toy Story 3 related, from the wrapping paper, to the gift bag, ALL of it.

Before Santa

After Santa

   On Christmas Morning no one could get him back to sleep  at 7am even after having gone to sleep after 3 am! One look at the piled up gifts next to our bed and it was enough to keep him up and running till 3pm Christmas day.

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  1. I LOVE your pictures! It sounds like everything came together yesterday :) I'm sorry I haven't written you back over email, I DID get it but I was barely on the computer yesterday. I hope that 2011 is the best year for you and your family and keep on posting those pictures, they're so sweet!