Monday, December 27, 2010

Another little Angel gets his wings

   Ending our Christmas Eve Celebration, at about 2AM the Mr. gets a text message, I see him put on a worry face, which lets me know something has gone wrong, he quickly makes a call, which confirms something is wrong.( he doesn't usually call anyone especially not that late) In my mind I already Kind of knew what was going on, since I had seen updates and messages on FB. His Little sister had texted him to tell him that his cousins son, had past away. We never got to meet him since that part of his family is in Florida. We knew he was born premature and had beeen getting sick since birth, but with a year of life no one would have suspected he would have left us. It broke our heart to find this out, and to try and imagine what his family must be going through, just brought tears to my eyes. His Grandmother ( my husbands Aunt loved that baby boy so much, it has probably hit her the hardest, even more than the babies father.) My thoughts and prayers are with them in this time, but only a parent whom has lost a child can begin to imagine the pain they are going through. I lost my angels whom I never gt to meet, although I loved them, I never got that bond and time to get to know them. Losing my angels was hard enough , having never met them, I can't begin to imagine how shattered my heart would be if I lost my child. RIP Baby Jayxor. T.Q.M

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  1. Oh how heartbreaking :-( Only having had gone through a stillbirth and miscarriages, I could not imagine going through that. :-( My heart hurts. He was a precious little boy :-(