Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas is Here, and will soon be Gone!

   With the Holidays just a day or so away, the stores, shopping centers, and malls are beyond crazy. Crazy packed with Psychos doing last minute shopping, loading up on last minute dinner items, and then theres the few who are there just because they need essential items, but are driven away by the other psychos doing their last minute shopping. I am one of the ones driven away. Must I really wait in a 1 hour line to buy a pack of chicken for dinner? Is it a smart decision on the grocery stores part to have 1 cashier and 2 self check out lines open when the store is packed? Do I really have to carry my 2 year old from the end of the parking lot on a windy morning trying not to slip on the patches of ice left over from the snow last week? Well apparently so, since thats all I've been doing all week. I am beyond terrified to make it to the bank this afternoon, or even Walmart to buy some tape, and a pack of diapers.

   This Christmas isn't turning out to be what i would have liked. Not for myself but for my little man. With saving as much money as possible for our move, we didn't spend much on gifts for our boy since in the last month all the gifts I have bought him have been given to him, since well we have no self control! So after giving him his Christmas presents early, we are left with Jammies, a movie and a few little Toy Story Toys. Christmas doesn't feel like Christmas without a tree. Like I've said before we are at my moms, because until recently we were unsure as to where my husbands job was going to have us end up, but now that we know that for the next year (atleast) we will be local we can finally move (god willing next month) well my mom didn't want a tree, and wouldn't let us have a tree in our room, so this is very sad to have my LO celebrating Christmas without a Tree. It will still be a very Merry Christmas.

   I am just grateful that my Little man, my Big man, and I myself, are healthy for this Chrsitmas, and spending it together. My Angel Babies are missing out on Christmas #3 with me, and I would have hoped to have their 3rd Christmas Ornaments up on our tree alongside my Little mans, but we did purchase them, so we will just have to hang them both next year. Hope everyone has a wonderful Merry Christmas, and that everyone gets exactly what they want.

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