Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Great News Great day all around!

   The Mr. Started his new Position/Job today! Our day started at about 5AM ( keep in mind mornings and I don't get along! Im bitchy, Moody, cranky, sleepy, all of the above!) I was supposed to give the Mr. a ride to the other side of the street where we had parked the car last night. LO wakes up and wont go back to sleep! OMG damn it! Ok im too lazy to put him in a jacket shoes what ever he had 2 shirts and footed jammies on. I Grab the Biggest Blanket wrap him up in it and head to the car ( not even a carseat, it is in our room since we have been carless and have to keep toting the Bitch thing around) we drive the less than half a minute drive to the other car where I have the mr. hand over the LO and I rush back down the street home and scurry on inside. Wow I never appreciated the heat so much! These winds are the worst, it wouldn't feel so cold if it weren't so windy.... LO DID NOT GO BACK TO SLEEP!
   Our day consisted of Kung Fu Panda at 6am! We did various activities that, well the mr. doesn't typically do with the LO and he had so much food! It was stressful especially because of his behavior. He has been spending most of his time with The Mr. and when the mr. works LO sleeps. Now Im back to being a crazy person a full time mommy, atleast until I can get this boy in preschool or some form of at home day care 3 days a week so I can still work part time! Some of the Perks of his secret job is No phones so I wont get tempted to text hm or bitch at him when he does not respond! No more giving him money for meals he gets 2 free meals, as much as he wants lol, Pay every friday, and early hours, so a full day at home! so once I retrain my Baby boy to sleep in until 10Am our days should be a breeze!
   In addition to our great day, the Honda was fixed last night, and the Minivan is up and running today! I'm Mobile again! OMG i was going bananas! 1 week with no car! UGH horrible! but now we got both back, and looking at buying a new one for February, and trading in the Honda.

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  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your kind words :0) You have a lovely family. It's cold where I live too so I feel your pain!

    Marnie xo