Tuesday, December 14, 2010

    What we have been waiting for has finally happened! Luckily there will be no relocating or transfering for the meantime! He will be testing for advancement in January 2011 and hoping and praying that sometime through out the year of 2011 he will be called and notified that he has been chosen. This new Building location was a pain to track down I didnt even know what it was where it was, what ever Mapquest didnt seem to want to give me the address but finally we managed to track it down under some "OTHER" Street name that it was given for security purposes. I was so curious why all his paperwork was taking so long why he needed so much clearance, background investigation and finally its because he has transfered to a top secret building that well I am not allowed to even enter. He will receive his ID tommorow, and will have to leave his fone in the car. There will be no contacting me no calls to me, damn!!! This is worst than the Navy, but nonetheless, I am very happy and excited for him. This means more money for him, for us. He will be getting twice as much as he is receiving now, well maybe a little more.  So its back to sitting at home doing the mommy and wifey thing on the weekdays since his work schedule is typically 7am-3:30pm. UGH I have been sitting at home and doing errands since Sunday, and to know that I will not be going back to work (although I hate being there) makes me so ( I cant even think of a word)..... Oh well as soon as LO starts Daycare/ Headstart what ever the hell I can get him into, I will feel relief from having to worry about who watches the LO and I will be back to work after the Holidays.
    On another upside, now I can finally start deciding on a place to live! The Mr. will be staying here, so.... I don't have to be worried of signing a contract like I did last year just to be told we are moving, atleast not for another year!

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