Friday, December 17, 2010

Last Minute Friday Fawk Yous!

Well Christy and Boobies are taking a break until after the  holidays, and I THOUGHT I would have no Fawk yous since well, lets face it its been a damn good week! The Mini Van is Fixed, the Mr. got a higher paying Job/Position, The Honda is up and running, I have not been to work one single day this week, and Baby Gianni was born, so What is there to say Fawk You to??? Well..... Lets began Shall We,

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Fawk You:
- To The dirty Bitch Whom decided to park in the Parking spot labeled Parking for people with CHILDREN! Not Stupid Bitches and their Gucci Purses! ( so yes LO and I had to park further so she and her damn purse could be up close and personal with the store!)
-To My Chicken Wing Uncle who sees me with about 8 bags of groceries walking up the icy drive way and he walks along with me holding nothing but mail, then to make matters worse... we get to the front door and he stands there waiting for me to Open and Im damn near ready to fall over! ( I mean I know you got one arm and all but damn Its only Mail!)
-To this Minivan! after getting the damn fuel pump replaced, seems like yes there is yet another problem in this damn car! Now the turn signals wont work, but yest the emergency lights do work so God only knows whats causing that damn thing not to turn on FML!
-To the damn People who seem to be on vacation already, since the Toys R Us was packed! Was I really about to stand in a 1 Hour line for a $10-$20 toy? I think Not! So I had to tae my Whining baby and tell him we would get it next Time! GO BACK TO WORK I MEAN IT WAS ONLY NOON!


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