Wednesday, December 8, 2010

What I would Rather do! and THAT BITCH!

Wow One day and I've missed so Much! Although I did check out the BGB this morning time did not allow for me to post and link Up, but will do so Shortly ( better late than never) so to start off lets Talk about this bitch....

This Wicked Wednesday Theme is :That Bitch

We all have a bitch in our lives, right?
Other then ourselves.
I want to hear about this bitch.
What does she do that gets under your skin?
What would you do to her if you met in a dark alley?

all of them do the usual!
Stalk me, copy me, act like me, try and compare themselves to me, PRETEND to get what i get, or actually go out and do it ( pathetic). Try to make the same life goals career goals (you just look stupid). 
In no way am I better than them, but I guess its more of a competetive nature with females. except for the bitches that for soem reason keep tryna get at my man WTF in 07 YOU IMAGINED he was yours, now that your husband is divorcing you , youre on the prowl for a new Baby Daddy? and the Other Bitch You cheated on HIM, you couldn't handle hom being gone, so why is it that now that you sit at home while your man runs around you realize that you had some one great and you are trying to take back what isnt yours anymore? 
An alley? well to the two tryna take my man, id probably fuck my man infornt of them so they can get it through their thick head HE'S MINE! and they can stop with the unread FB messages! and friend requests ( if he hasnt accepted its cuz he doesnt want your friendship)

To the others LOL wouldnt waste my time!

and next what I would rather do!


The would you rather version.

1. would you rather have a threesome with 2 guys and a girl, or 2 girls and a guy?
2 girls and a Guy, although two guys sounds great lol I dont think id be into having them both at once just a tiny bit awkward and not sure how ok the mr. would be with that Idea, ask him about me and some chick lol im sure hed say lets go right now!
2. Would you rather have complete sober sex or completely buzzed sex?
hmmm, either way sex is great, but Buzzed sex some how better, But for safety reasons ill go with sober sex we can get a little carried away during sex and seeing how i dont use any BC we dont need any accidents
3. Would you rather have your toes sucked or your ears?
eww do I look like a side dish? I hate feet, and um yea the thought of some one sucking my ear makes me a little uncomfortable even with it being my Mr.
4. Would you rather screw George w Bush or Martha Stewart?
George W. Bush 
5. Would you rather have morning sex or night sex?
mmmm I love morning sex (minus the hot breath lol) But at night its much more peaceful no fears of the monster Interupting
6. Would you rather do it in the hot tub or big shower?
7. Would you rather have no sex for a week or crappy sex for 2 weeks?
No sex for a week
8. Would you rather be with an experience person or nonexperienced?
oh wow um ill take either or as long as they can get me off!
9. Would you rather be naked in public or get caught by your parents?
wow both have happened lol but id rather be naked in public, with my parents I never live it down, TRUST ME! hold on caught by my parents doing what lol
10. Would you rather be with one person for the rest of your life or experience many?
One person for the rest of my Life im glad to say my Mr. is not boring in bed and things are always changing =D
11. Would you rather be the dominant one or submissive one?
Submissive, but I do have my dominant moments
12. Would you rather have sex in a church or a funeral home?
13. Would you rather have texting sex or phone sex?
oh god they both sound horrible lol  what is texting sex just sending photos or dirty texts? ill take that one
14. Would you rather die a virgin or a hoe?
Hoe! sorry sex is just too great to say I would never want to experience it
15. Would you rather post a picture of tits or ass?
16. Would you rather do it on the kitchen counter or in front of fire place with a roaring fire?
Kitchen Counter
17. Would you rather have 30 minutes of foreplay which included a backrub or a 30 minute orgasm? 30 minutes of foreplay, makes for some great sex! and gets me real wet and the mr. loves that.
18. Would you rather be covered in chocolate or whip cream?
neither ugh maybe some but not covered lol but ill take whipped cream
19. Would you do it risky business style or Pretty woman style? 
Scene from Risky Business (google images)
never seen risky Bussiness soooo Pretty woman!

20. Would you rather have sex with the cowardly lion or the wicked witch of the west?
Wicked witch I like confidence
and lastly
21. Would you rather have an orgasm once every 20 seconds or once every 5 years?
are these orgasms happening during sex? or just coming spontaneously cuz if its during sex then every 20 seconds!

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  1. I can't believe nobody has seen Risky Business...its a hot movie with Tom Cruise!

    I can't believe you picked George...but I guess if you were really drunk it would be okay!

    Church sex would be hot!
    Thanks for linking up!