Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Happy Fucked Up Birthday To me!

  Don't I deserve some sort of relaxation on my Birthday?! I mean I'm not asking for much, maybe to sleep in until 10 or atleast have a calm morning without having to wake up yelling at my child for doing ridiculous shit. Well not in this lifetime!

   In a perfect world, the Mr. Would have had the day off, taken the monster so mommy could have slept till when ever the hell She felt like it, gotten breakfast in bed, a mani and pedi, and an appointment for a massage before her birthday Dinner, and birthday cake with her two favorite men. Little man would have behaved like an angel during dinner, and caused no problems before bed, and mommys night would end with awsome UNINTERUPPTED SEX!( Just like Last year, Minus the Bro-in-law from last year) 

     But instead this is what Shes Got so Far....

  The Monster sensed it was mommys Birthday and decided his gift to me would be... To be an even bigger pain in my ASS!  Wake up a little after 4:30 AM then back to sleep only to wake up at 5:46 am and start kicking me, to Finally be up and out of bed whining  a little after 6:00 AM. Good Morning and Happy fucking Birthday to me!

  I ignore him let him run around whining ( He has already had his milk and just wants to be a huge pain because hes tired but cant seem to get back to sleep) I try and stay in bed until his whining is Unberable I get up and start asking what he wants and he starts throwing SHIT! WTF then slaming his head purposely hurting himself for attention so I yell at him he continues, so then I make my way back to bed to COMPLETELY IGNORE HIM! Then he throws God knows what at the Tv and Mommy Goes off, a few seconds later my Mother feels the need to call my Phone ( we are still living in her house GOD help me) and start stating her thoughst on my yelling at my son, so I go off on her as well, eventually calls me a bad mother.. Ok I guess Letting him slam his head against walls throw shit is better parenting than trying to get him to stop?!? Lets not even start on things I could throw back at her and ask about good parenting! after I ignored him he came to me and climbed in bed with me I gave him his snacks ( he already had had breakfast) he settled down, Only to refuse lunch throw his drink and be a complete Pain in the ass!

  All I feel like doing is sleeping Im extremely exhausted, AF has not shown her damn face, and im stressed cuz I hate when my schedules get fucked up, and the bitch was due to arrive on Sunday! no later than Monday, Um its wednesday and I don't see any signs of this Whore comeing today! so Yes My birthday , So far is anything but Happy! Luckily he is down for a nap about 1.5 Hours earlier than usual no fights there, and I will most likely pass the fuck out till the Mr. gets home. Lets see what The evening Brings.

   He is Normally a pain, and I love it, (this mornings behavior was not Typical) but this morning its like he just needed to roll Up one years Worth of pain in the ass and give it to me before 10 am in a huge unwrapped birthday gift! Thank you Baby Mommy appreciates it!


  1. :( Sorry you're having a rough day!. Happy Birthday though! I hope you get to do something to celebrate!

  2. Awww dayum mama! Happy birthday to you though! *flashes boobies...trips...hits head on coffee table...bleeds...ruins good weave*