Wednesday, January 19, 2011

"...I get it sucked, Tucked, or Plucked."

   Happy Birthday to a Sexii Ladii who was Born January 19th. No I am not talking about me, although I must say January 19th must be a good damn day to have your babies if you want them to be Sexii!  Well this Birthday Shout Out goes to None other than The Gorgeous Dolly Parton!
   Through Out the years I have met many people who have shared my birthday ( which was kinda annoying I mean its my motherfucking day, your mom couldn't pop your ass out some other god damn day??) There was even some Bitch Chick in my class but of course was like 30 minutes to an hour older than me damn Heffa!

   Any ways, back to Dolly within the 40 years of her career ( wow thats like 4 decades, damn this bitch is old!) she has always had her Dont Give a fuck attitude and I just Love it. Doesnt Care about, who knows about the work shes had done, what they say about her attire, her make up, her hair, or how out of style she is. She does what she does best, and thats Being her! Today she turns 65 years Old and work or no work, she looks damn good for her age! Thats the Kinda Grandma I wanna Be. I remember the first song of hers I fell in love with back in the day, and even with 40 years in the game, shes still on top of it all. Happy Birthday Dolly.

   Then there are the other Fuckers who fall on my birthday (Some which I remember from school, and others that I learned through out the years lol if one of their birthdays is wrong well Oh well dont quote me on this)
Happy Birthday To:
Edgar Allen Poe (School Duh)
Robert E. Lee ( School again)
Janis Joplin (god only knows why I know this)
Paula Dean ( I think thats her name she has a cooking show or some shit and boy did I get bored when hubs was in the Navy)
Jodie Sweetin ( lol is that her name? the Chick (Stephanie Tanner) from Full House)
Shawn Wayans ( Now you gotta know who the eff that is)
Again dont quote me on this shit If I added some one in there whose birthday isn't even this month Fuck it Too much in my head to remember accurately, they could easily have a birthday on My monsters Birthday (the 11th) or my sisters (the 26th) so Kinda hard to keep track, but nontheless,
  Happy Birthday to Them and ME of Course! 

Now its time for my lazy ass to get up and get ready since Hubby Got My Hint  and told me to get dressed and be ready By 7:30 that we are going out!(musta read the damn Blog about hounding me, Or Simply understood "I dont Give a Fuck You pick something!" and decided hed avoid my bitching and decide for me) Lol just glad he took that Hint, and didnt wake up in the early morning to gag me with a goddamn jawbreaker and Kidnap me half naked! Not only would I be pissed if I didn't die from A) Suffocating, B)chocking on the Jackbreaker, or C)having a heart attack after the fear of suffocating, But Id fucking kill him for not telling me hed be kidnapping me and letting me get pretty first and then taking my half naked ass out! Any ways peace out and Yay 

"If I see something sagging, dragging or bagging, I get it sucked, tucked or plucked. It takes a lot of money to look as cheap as I look." -Dolly Parton

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