Tuesday, February 1, 2011

February 1st what?!?!

Wow Last month just kinda flew right past me and February Snuck up on me!
January was a great month, My babys 2nd Birthday, my birthday my sisters birthday, Snow days, and of course the beginning of a new Year!

Now February is here and this means what?! My period for one will be on the same day as the last month ( you better be here on time bitch) Valentines day, which means gifts, dinner, and lots of spending, oh yea and my mani-pedi spa day, that hubby gives me for Vday every year, not on the 14th but a few days prior so I can look my very best and feel relaxed! Other than that It is just another Month, full of days that cant seem to go by fast enough!  DAMN IT, But as soon as Feb is over It will be 306 days until I am GONE in Cancun! LOL thats if we leave on Jan 1 2012! we havnt set an official date since the Mr.s seem to think we are on some other shit, and joking around about us leaving without them! haha damn right we are! After 1 year  we will def need/ and deserve it!

Well Happy 1st Day of February lol!


  1. If my man knows what's good for him he'll have something big planned dammit! *fingers crossed* VALENTINE'S DAY ROCKS!

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