Monday, January 31, 2011

Busy Busy Busy Bee!

   Lately I've been anything but available. To anyone. Including the Mr. I am always gone when he gets home and most of his dinners since friday have been carry out. ( not like he minds, hes a fast food Junkie). The Only person Whom I've been available for is ME! and of Course the Monster during the day! But ME, MYSELF, and I! It actually feels great to be able to focus so much time on myself for what ever the case may be. Out the house by 6 home by midnight unless its a weekend then its out at 9 am home at 5-6 and out by 630-7.

   I've been around creeping but, theres a little bit going on in MY life that I am focused on doing and dedicated to getting done. My cousin has been accompanying me, and she is such a great person to have by myside during this!

   Hope everyone is doing great, I will be back very soon! and OMG only 11 months till I'm in Cancun with Ashley! No Hubbys No babys Just her and me, and a few drinks in hand! Love ya babe!

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