Thursday, February 10, 2011

Update and FYF!

So Its that Time of the week again! Time to let all the Fuck yous Fly! I've been MIA for quite some time, mostly because my life is boring right now I am Super busy! Blogging USED to be My "ME" time but now I have a New  Addiction Hobby. Those of you who Know me on a more Personal Level Will know exactly what im refering to ( yes Ash That means You my Love! and thats only cuz your my creeper!)

Any Ways things are headed in the right direction for us, Hubs is working as always I am as well ( On the weekends) Soccer season starts soon, and well We are in the process of actually looking for a fricken house to move to! Finally! we still havnt found anything we are completely inlove with but soon I hope or else we will have to do a short term lease. We are getting ready for our summer Vacation to PR ( yes again) although Im excited Im dreading the weather, and Thanking god its only for a week this time!

Well Onto My Fuck Yous!

Well First off, Fuck you to the damn deer that almost hit me tonight in my cousins neighborhood! I mean are you stupid?!? ( I  am driving its coming at me I see it I break! I break and it stops I slowly start to go and it starts again at me so I stop! WTF are you playing chicken With me?)

FUck you to TOM! Yes TOM you had no Idea what you were doing on our tax return last night! First I see abou 1/6 of what we should be getting back question it and he finds he put something in wrong! Then, I find I have no children?!? Then After arguing with him we leave and I call in the morning to question what had happened and infact my Income had not been Claimed WTF!!! Happily after receiving news on our returns =D I Head back over there to sign the forms! Woohoo!

Fuck you to the snow!

Fuck you to the Honda How dare you get me through the snow but when half an inche of snow is on the ground you wanna do a 360 putting me in fear of ever driving again!

Fuck you To packing, Having to move AGAIN,

Fuck You to this Totally worth it Expensive Make up addiction!

Fuck you to the bastard who parked in the "Parking for parents with children" Spot because he was too fucking lazy to park 2 spots down, when he didnt even have a kid, NOT EVEN A PURSE! GEEZ! If I gotta walk in the cold with my 2 year old WHY THE FUCK should he be all up close and personal with the damn grocery store?? Oh yea cuz hes a fat Lazy old MAN!

Well Im DOne im sure I could keep going but Im tired and Hobby night tommorow Will Be super LONG! ( cuz Ash You know whats going on saturday Lol)

Hop on over and Link Up  if you want To vent out your weekly frustrations, or if you just want to go and read others frustration!

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  1. This is why I love you! :)

    I've been wondering where you wondered off to!!

    Moving sucks...I can't stand I hope yours goes super smooth...and vacationing in PR? I hate you!! (I think I can fit in a suitcase..just sayin.)

    You've gotta tell me what this new hobby is...I'm dying to know!

  2. You had me at:
    Fuck you to the bastard who parked in the "Parking for parents with children" Spot because he was too fucking lazy to park 2 spots down, when he didnt even have a kid

  3. i hate it when people park in the praent and children spaces and you need it!!!! bastards!
    Love your fuck yous!
    JoJo x

  4. You are awesome!!! Thanks for the plug!

    I don't understand other drivers most of the time. Especially when it comes to parking etiquette. Just ridiculous.