Sunday, February 13, 2011

Bad BO!

Ok so the Cousins Insisted on going to a latin Fusion Class at the gym So I Promised if I was done on time with all my morning Laziness chores Indeed i finished But did not make the class. Well after Much harassment of doing THE SAME EXACT WORKOUTS they were doing I finally gave in. After our Near death experience workout on the stairmaster we went for our 40 minute jog on the treadmill and then finally I got her to Join me on the elliptical ( she insists she doesnt like it) well To my left she was working her ass off to my Right was A nasty Nigga with BO! I mean Can you imagine Working out hardcore breathing heavy and then trying to hold your breath because the fool next to you who thinks his BO smells like potpourri!  OMG can we say Disgussting! I kept trying to hold my towel to my face. It also had a similar smell to onions! Geez wtf is up with that?!? How dangerous is Deoderant that you cant swipe a bit before the gym?

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