Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Blegh... Miserable Monday

   I went to bed relaxed, Calm, and excited to start the new week. I woke up stressed, worried, and praying the weekend would come. I am Out of school until summer thank Goodness, and proabbly until fall. Work is, Well work, as always, and this house doesn't seem to be getting any cleaner! Thats how it is I guess, when you don't have all the time you need. Between being a Fulltime mom and wife, and caring for them.  Inbetween their Needs, Cleaning and organizing then going to work and coming home to a place that was destroyed, and doing it all over agin before bed, just to wake up and let monster destroy it just to repeat my day once again!

   In the last 2 days I have bought 80 Hangers in total this week I have bought about 140  for our closet and 90 for our monsters closet. I cannot believe I have that much clothes I figured after throwing away 2 boxes full of clothes and loading up 3 trashbags of clothes to donate I would have down sized sa bunch... Boy was I wrong. 140 hangers plus the 100 and some Change I Already had  All I can say is This closet isnt big enough and the Hubs needs his own closet Lol... Just like mommy Mosnetrs' clothes doesn't fit in his closet....

Tuesday Is approaching and Monday is in the past, all that is left is to make the rest f this week better than Today. I am sure it will be, and I couldn't be any happier that Monday is finally over!

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