Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Terrible Tuesday!

   Ok So after yesterday I didn't think anything could have topped that well Obviously I was WRONG!   Monday Mr. Wakes up heads out the house and well The Honda wont start?!?! FML why does this shit only happen to me....
   We drive around all day Monday getting that damn thing to a shop, I do groceries, some shopping come home and park the Minivan.... Tuesday morning Mr. gets on the Highway  car starts shaking, he pulls over turns off the car...
   The car wont start. He had to walk home. and well Now we are left with No damn car. Seriously 2 days in a row?!? 2 cars and No way to get from one place to another. This sounds GREAT! Well one car will cost over 3K to fix and the other They still dont know whats wrong but so far we are looking at over $250 worth of diagnostic tests!

   I am definitley afraid to go to bed and wake up to see what Wednesday Brings to us! What the Hell is going on this week?!?
   Well off to take care of this problem and see what options we have left, because missing work isn't an option.

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  1. Aw, well, the days can only get better, right?