Friday, March 25, 2011

Fawk You Friday

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  1. Fawk you Monday and Tuesday! you were a living Nightmare, you gave no sign of fucking up my week and just sprung BS on us.
  2. Fawk You Honda... you are a 2006 how in the hell are you having problems? im not even done paying off your ass! looks like ill be sending you back to honda and getting something else, cuz i aint paying to fix you!
  3. Fuck you Minivan! Seriously?!?! how much more fucking Money must I Invest in you?!? i fix you you work then you dont... you leave my Mr.'s ass stranded on the highway because you decide ( with no signs) to just give out. well fuck you its to the salvage yard with you!
  4. Fawk you to all this unpacking! Seriously I am still not done! All the boxes are empty but I have no where for half this shit so I have alot of storage containers, and Now 3 new piles of clothes WTF!! I swear just one more day of this and I should be done!
  5. Fawk you YET AGAIN! to the bipolar weather. I set up Jaydens bubble table outside on the patio Just to have the weather change overnight. Its unfair to tease and play with a 2 year olds mind like that. He expects to be taken out into nice weather to blow bubbles and watch his bubble machine go!

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