Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Hibachi, Chopsticks, and a Plan B

   Anniversary Dinner was great! it was a late night Private Hibachi dinner/Show. LO was with us beause he is part of us and what kind of celebration would it be without our main Little man?!?  Well Dinner started with an Appetizer  of some chicken terriaky on a skewer with Veggies and then the Miso Soup, followed with the house salad with some sort of peanut Butter sauce. Its the first time we tired this particular Japanese steak house but it was Delish! Had  deliciously prepared Fried rice, vegetables, noodles, some Shrimp and of course our main course Fillet Mignon and some chicken. This place gets 9 out of 10.  At the end of the show we were told to pay since they needed to close that was a Turn off... WTF we havnt even started eating!   LO was afraid of the Fire, and the little volcano made of onions, but did enjoy using Chop Sticks lol Jay and I can use Chopsticks but daddy can't he gave up... Can't seem to get the hand of it.

   Nonetheless the evening eneded with full bellies,  and of course on a more romantic Intimate Note, after the 1 hour chillax period between dinner and bed. LO needed to settle down and be put to sleep, and Well Hubs and I needed to breathe after stuffing our faces with all that yummy! To top off our perfect evening The Mr. has a slip up, The first in oh shall I say EVER! and definately the only one in the last 2 years ( seeing how I have no More Children other than my 1 monster) Oh how I wanted to take that chopstick and stab him with it! Sadly the chopsticks were left back at the restaurant ( seriously how weird would it be that i would be stealing free chopsticks?? Yea ok I thought so) well after asking him repeatedly Are you sure he seemed unsure and hes always been able to say "yea baby Im sure" ( meananing that he hadn't) well this time was "I think so" OH hell no! Im like theres a trillion condoms laying around the APT ( we are still unpacking) and like a pile of ( old as heck) birth control pills ( but BC pills nonetheless) and I told him get a condom but since we NEVER use one he decided to ignore it and well there ya have it The Slip Up.

    All day waiting for him to get home with my Plan B pill that I had sent him to Walgreens for! well With that being said I am hoping for the best. This wait and see what happens deal isn't for me not this time around! Not ready to have another. Sickness has been bugging me but still better than  9 months with a baby bump and a lifetime with a baby... One is enough for me... For now! in about 2 years we will throw in baby # 2 into the mix! Lets hope this thing holds up.

   Tomorrow will be a late night for the Mr. Why do all these government things have to be so annoying! hes had a steady schedule but tomorrow will be a late night! On the plus side its Time and half sooo Im looking at some new shoes I peeped out on the D&G website lol... So its just Me and the Jay J hopping around all day long visiting Family! woohoo.

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