Thursday, March 31, 2011

A mile in My shoes!

Ever heard the Saying "Before you criticize someone, you should walk a mile in their shoes." Well Most are quick to judge and criticize without having any knowledge of what is and has gone on in the other persons life.

    A problem with The Mr. and I is Who has it harder.  Well I still say its me! I stay home and clean cook and care for the Monster and then go to work on the weekends and come home and do all of the above after a 6-8 hour work day.   He wakes up at about 4:30am and  Gets home after 4pm ( on most days) mon-fri.  WELL if we were to switch  and walk a mile in eachothers shoes I am sure we would find eachothers day a bit harder than it really is because :He is not used to 
A) Cleaning all day long
B) Cooking meals
D)Doing Laundry
E)Dealing With LO ALL DAY LONG!
F)Grocery Shopping

ANd I am not used to:
A) Waking up that early
B)arriving to work ontime
C)Wearing a uniform
   Now if we actually had to do the day exactly like the other (kinda like in Wife Swap) then we would crack. Now with that being said, I am sure he would LOVE to stay home all day and do what ever it is he does But if I worked I would come home to an empty Fridge a dirty house and a Hungry Toddler!  And If I had to work My first Pick would not be a 4:30am Wake up or a Fugly Uniform!

ANY WAYS the reason for my Post..... LO might have taken the "WALK IN MY SHOES" a little Litterally!

One Foot

2 feet

Both Feet & a half step

   After his attempt at walking in my Shoes he got mad kicked the shoes off into the air and well One almost hit mommy! A plus for attempting to "Walk In mommys Shoes" Something Daddy hasn't done, but swears mommy has it easy....

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  1. My kids try to slip on my heels but I am so worried that they wreck them...