Monday, March 7, 2011

If walls could talk?

As I sit here Packing up the last little tidbits Left in my room, I start to think how many years my family has had this house, how many things I have done in this room and how sad it is to see it go.
   I moved away at 19 I left my room behind and when I came home it was there for me just as it had been  before I left. as I grew up these walls were my diary. Until about 11th/12th Grade when I had my walls painted, You could walk around the room in certain areas and see little tiny entries with a date. Days I was mad, days I was happy, and any fun thing a young, boy crazed, Bitchy teen could do. It wasn't an every day entry but random ones I thought should be rememberd. To see the walls Transform from White to a bright green  saying good bye to all the little memories I had put up since I was 11 was hard to let go. In the end they were just entries to memories that I rememberd most of and you cant take that away.
   Everytime I have come and gone from My parents House It has been easy, because I knew I'd come home to visit again. This time I am leaving and my family is preparing to sell the house. So this might be the last time I actually get to be here.  This isn't just saying goodbye i'll see you later, or goodbye to any other place we have lived, this is saying goodbye to my childhood, my adolecence, More than half of my life! This is where I grew Up,  and before my parents bought this house, we moved alot all the time, and it was stressfull I never spent more than 1 year in a school until we moved here and I spent 2 years in my middle school.
   I brought my first boyfriend here, I Had mY best sexii ass guy friend here, my cousins and I would gossip ans share naughty secrets here, I have shared this part of my life with my husband and son, and for the last few months this has been HOME!
   As I prepare to leave all I can think is what things do I not remember from my room? I cried here, I got punished here, I had sex here, I spent long hours on the Phone talking to boyfriends, friends, just guys in here. The onli thing that has been here to watch it all are these walls!
   If these walls could talk what would they say?  Would they say I was a crazy person who needs to be commited? A sex crazed nympho who needs medication? Aggressive? Loud mouth? Bitchy? Short tempered? need to learn to control my anger? All of the above! it would tell me about all the sad moments i spent crying in my room! all the fun nights I spent with my BFF just staying up all night cuddling and laughing bout  eachother, and the things in our lives. They would state the wild crazy sex I've had in this room, as well as the wild crazy sex a few others have had in this room! ( yes Katie I know you fucked in here you nasty ass!) Would call me out and and tell me all the times I was wrong in a fight! If they could talk they would say Goodbye and this is the best thing for us, and tell me a few secrets I dont know from the times I was gone!
   Now I am off to start a new chapter of life with 4 new walls, I wonder what story they will tell when we are ready to leave!
    If walls could talk what would yours say?

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