Thursday, March 10, 2011

Settling In!

   We received the keys to Our new Place on the 7th but did not officially sleep there until the 8th! The Mr. would have gone nuts with no internet and LO would have gone bananas without tv or cable. LO and I drove out to our new home Tuesday Morning after loading up the Truck with the last Shitload few things Still left at my moms. We had a scheduled installation between 11-2. Yea why didnt they just fucking tell me to clear my schedule for the entire day! We figured they'd be there sometime inbetween so LO and I had an early brunch but By 12:30-1 hes cranky and wants food, and I had no way of leaving and getting him food, Luckily we find a damn carry out menu they had left on our door.
   Well the Cable guy shows up after 2! Boy was I pissed. But when I open the door, this nigga is sexii as HELL im like DAYUMmm!!! Lol All is Forgiven. Jayden Chases him around being his little helper, and I try and do my Makeup so Jay and I can finally head out.  But let me tell You this Guy was fine!!! Had this Been a few years earlier and about 50-60 Lbs Lighter Then This would be a completely different Post Hahaha...
   Well we are settling in very well. I have not seen My monster this happy and excited in a while. He has His own room again runs in and out of our room kitchen his room living room the bathroom and well, needless to say he has made the whole damn place his Playground!
    I hate Moving, I hate Packing, and I most definately hate unpacking! LO's shit is easy his is all toys some clothes and most his shit is pre packed in his Bins no need for organizing cuz its already done, Ours is Semi- Easy since Again Mostly Clothes and easy shit Kitchen EASY, but then we end up with a bunch of Bullshit Random boxes full of crap that I Had because it looked good in certain Places in our last place and now I have to find another fucking place for it or shove it in a box which only makes MORE clutter!
    I Still don't know whats worse, packing or unpacking! OMG I hate packing. it feels like I am never going to end and like we have endless shit in our home, But Unpacking is frustrating tryna put things where You think the look best or trying to figure out where in the fuck you want them.
    Oh well I am off to finish unpacking and doing laundry I will be back from my Blogcation soon, hopefully with a new Blog look.

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