Saturday, March 19, 2011

Too Much Clothes... Nothing to wear?!?!?

   Ok So seriously, how is it that I have no room to store all the clothes I've decided is worthy enough of keeping, and I still never have anything to wear!  Now as im getting ready to head out last minute shopping (for a kids Birthday gift) and then heading over to a birthday Party I can't seem to find anything that is Semi appropriate to have a nice afternoon cookout, and then have minimal changing to do before coming home to drop off J.J and heading out for a night on the town with the Bff L.C.
  Last thing I want is to come home to drop off J.J and end up running around for a good hour tryna decide WTF to wear out. So what I want is something that will work at the party and then work once we get here so I can change quickly... Oh well hope tonight goes well and that J.J enjoys his time at Jayda's Birthday Party.

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  1. Too much clothing...nothing to wear is the story of my life!