Friday, March 18, 2011

Little teeny tiny Update!

So our  Storage Unit is Now empty! Well besides the crib and baby carseat, But as of the 22nd we will have all our things in our new place. Minues the Random boxes I am refusing to open and just throwing out. Guess I will take my chances.... CLOTHES omg SOO much of it SHoes Too many... How is it that I can and never could find anything to wear when there is enough clothes to fill the closets of about 3 or 4 teenage girls. I have had 1 hell of a time sorting clothes  I am keeping Donating, and just throwing away. The clothes all smells like storage so washing EVERYTHING IS A MUST yuck! its like Endless laundry. Its been like this for almost 2 weeks. Unpacking, sorting, washing, organizing, throwing away, donating! Geez.

On the Plus side with all this going on, I have managed to have a few Outings. My cousin whom just turned 18 decided for her 18th Birthday bash celebration it would be at a Club so thats what we did Last weekend and well the BFF LC and I ( assuming the Mr. would not want to go) made plans for St. Pattys day to have drinks at a bar which of course turned into an all nighter just bar hopping.. Lol we really don't know when to call it quits. Even before leaving the last bar  we just couldn't say no to another Round of drinks that were offered...  Blame L.C she has a problem...
Green Long Islands

Sexii Pink Shoes!
Definately gone! End of the night 

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