Sunday, May 15, 2011

whats Going on???

This weekend came and went! how it went so quickly I have no Idea! I will say my first paycheck that I received this past Friday the 13th was AMAZING! lol  $$$ is always good!  My weeks get busier and crazier, as time goes on. I'm learning to juggle waking up at 4:30 am and staying up later that 7:30 pm so I can spend more time with little man, He is adjusting well in daycare, and our drop off and pick up schedule with 1 car has worked out great minus a few times but, it happens.

Looking forward to:
This Summer. Looks like the Mr. has decided NOT to go to PR without me since I can't take vacation until the end of July early August, but we will be taking a family Vacation, no not visiting family  because that is stressful! An Honest to god Vacay where the only thing I have to do is Relax! Geeez Feels like its been Forever since thats gone down!

Well its off to the PT job today to make that extra money... ( saving up to get the Mr. a new laptop for his birthday in September!) and starting to put money aside for Christmas, and of course the Cancun Vacay I plan On taking this December with The Girly Ashley! $$$ is my bestfriend!

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  1. Ooooh money. I can't wait to start my part-time job in June so that I can get more. haha. But with more $$$ comes more spending! Yikes. :-)

    How exciting that you guys have your vacation to look forward to! I'm jealous...