Sunday, May 1, 2011

A start to Another Work Week!

Well Its Sunday! The Start of yet another work week. I had off yesterday since, I had to take Lo for a doctor check up and blood work. First week In daycare and LO is Sent home with a fever of 103 on Friday! he started getting sick Wednesday Coughing like crazy brushed it off as the weather changing then he was sleepy then a fever... Dear god I knew there was a reason why daycare was never an Option.. His Blood work appointment was used to check him and get told to keep Him on fluids Let him eat what ever he wants for the next couple of days and keep his fever down ( basically give him tylenol religiously... Gee thanks I already knew that Much Dr.) well LO has been doing good. Been active and his fever hasnt spiked too bad...

Hubbys Payday took momy shopping for new shoes new Pants and some new work clothes! Lol gotta Love a NEW reason to go shopping... LOL its My dads Birthday I need an outfit... Its Mothersday I need an Outfit, Its easter we all Need clothes.. I'm going clubbing I need New shoes! Lol Any reason is a good reason to go shopping....

This week will be a 7 day Work Week! again! Walking around Cleaning right now tryna break in my new Stilletos before work Tommorow... Well Hope every one had a great weekend, and a great week!

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