Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Fathers Day, Graduation, and a 7 day work week!

    SO much has been Going on! Fathers Day Blah! Got Into a Little Tiff with the Mr. and that didnt go so well wasted a good Hour, till we both stopped being silly! We went out to the mall Hung out with Little man and Then I went off to work. I did get Him His Favorite Cake, and Made him dinner when I got home, Very simple Fathers Day.. But Its not like he Gave Birth to the Child! I DID so I DESERVE Mothers day..
    The way I see it is Ok He had fun, I did all the work for 39 weeks and 5 days, Stayed home with Child for almost 2.5 years Drove myself nuts all  that time and He gets a day.. yea No Ok hes a daddy daddy gets something he likes Oh well He had sex and Got the baby good enough the cake was an excuse for me to stuff My fat face full of Yummies! haha! Only Joking... With all the parties and such going on we decided (Mutually) to Not spend too much on ANY of it so  dinner at home was best.
Hubbys Favorite from this chinese place at the Mall ( YUCK... but ok its his day GRRRR)

Mmmmm Tiffanys Bakery!

didn't want dinner but saw the cake grabbed his bowl and ran to the foyer to eat!

      My Baby Brother Graduated High School this past Monday (6/20). I thought I was going to Lose it. Just On My Way to Go get His gift and card I was ready to cry as I saw the Senior class start pouring into the Patriot Center I could feel everything tense up.
    When I saw My Cousin as she walked out It took everything I had to keep the tears from falling I surely thought by the time my brother came down Id Be bawling, But between screaming at the top of my lungs Juggling 2 cameras, and trying to not kick some dirty Bitches throat for blocking my view, I managed to forget about all emotions and enjoy His graduation...
   Well truthfully the only enjoyment i had was watching him walk and the random seniors that kept blowing up beach balls and tossing them around... Haha oh and scouting around for the ones tryna be slick and blow them Up!
    Congrats to My Brother and Cousin and of Course the rest of the Chantilly High School Class of 2011! WOoHooo!
Congrats Leslie!

Leslie and Ivan

KelsieSlut and IvanHoe

Daddy and My Baby Bro! 

Daddy and Slo

Kels, Bro, and Me!

Brothers Graduation Party This Friday ( working that Night) Cousins Graduation party This Saturday (working a double) Yea WTF! Work Work Work, and its not Like I need To I WANT too and I get mad at myself for wanting too! Lol The Money is just good that I feel if I miss out Ill get mad at Myself... especially with the Vacay I have Planned for the Mr.'s birthday and for december and Little and My Birthday celebration.

Well Update Later I'm sleepy, time for a shower!

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