Thursday, June 16, 2011

Super Duper Long Post

Dirty Kids  
 This week definately Flew By! Oh Dear Lord if these damn parents dont stop leaving their dirty kids in Day Care, either the Mr. Or Me are going to have to stay home or switch jobs or have the Mr switch Shifts cuz I cannot have my little man sick every other week. From a Bad cold to high fevers, pink eye, more colds, a one day fever, dear god wtf are these kids doing showing up in daycare spreading germs getting better and spreading it back to the ones who were already infected?!?! Makes me rethink school  and give home schooling a chance! haha FAT CHANCE I LOVE being out the house! Dear GOD how I love being out the House and Appreciate my Time home with Little man, Plus I get no Greater Joy than dropping him off and seeing him put his things away and wave at all his little friends or picking him up and wave saying "Bye Baby, By Landen, Bye!"
No Money
    Now in other news, My family is out to Leave me Broke! On top of every one popping childrens around the same time of year then they all have birthdays, now we have Graduation and even More Birthdays... Sweet Jesus here is my expense list:
Joels Birthday
Priscillas Birthday
Diegos Birthday
Daddys Birthday
Mother in Laws Birthday
Nazys Birthday
Natalies Birthday
Marys Birthday
Giselles Birthday
Mothers Day
Memorial Day
Landens Birthday
Fathers Day
Tiff Tiffs Birthday
Leslies Graduation
Brothers Graduation
Graduation parties for each UGH!
4th of July
Brothers 18th Birthday $$$
Sister in laws 15th Birthday $$$
Nephews Birthday
Brother inlaws Birthday
Only thing im counting on here is 
My BFF L.Cs birthday! 

    But seriously Couldnt my family have had kids a few years and months apart?!?! But then again at the rate they were and are still popping them Out Its a wonder we havnt had 2 on the same day! Luckily Jayden Is the only one in January So all the Money spent that month is For My Little Man Oh and Me of Course Im a  January Baby too Lol!
Fathers Day
    Fathers Day Plans?!?!? Omg For Now Plans are WORK during the day, the dumb broad who always calls Out at work is on a 3 month leave because she decided she has women problems I choose to not put on blast ( atleast not yet) only because its very disturbing to me! BUT I will surely be out by 4 and will Be home to have Dinner with My Big Man and Little man. I would rather do breakfast  but a full tummy before work Never ends up in having a good mood at work just a sleepy one! lol
Angels Birthday
    Slowly My Angels Birthday Approaches and Hoping to keep Busy for most of that month avoid remembering or crying, and if I do get sad make sure my little man is near by because he is here as a result of losing my angels. God Took them to give me him and He is My Greatest Blessing EVER hands down No questions asked.
Another Baby?
   Hmmm?!?! The Mr. and I Stood in our hallway and watched or Big Boy playing and being a Little SAMURAI Ranger and just couldnt help but smile and its like the same thing came into our mind, Only I said it first, Wow I can't belive he is so Big!  His response was Yea I know! I then said Makes me want to have another one He laughed, then he said Yea soon, then we both Laughed. We discussed it we see it in our near Future ( by near I mean atleast another year or 2 ) But Maybe sooner, Financially we are ready, we are stable and as far as careers we got this But School is our biggest thing with Both of us in School this Fall! UGH I want to atleast be done before I have another he can still be in But Since Im closer to my degree I would lIke to atleast be done
   Ok so Summer is Here and We get paid Holidays so with July coming around Mini Vacays to the beach Pool Trips and Fishing trips on the weekend Theme Parks and Lots of outdoor activities with my Men! I Cannot Wait our trip to DC was great. All of this Leading up to a 5 day getaway In September for the Mr. Birthday Florida In Decmber ( so We've been thinking No PR this Year) Cancun For New Years Just The girls and A Suprise Vacay for Little Man and My Birthday Celebration! ( Not set in stone dont want to Jinx it)
Night Night
   Well off to bed Meds are kicking in and have to be up at 4:30 to shower and get ready for work and have little man in Daycare by 5:30 and Me at My Sisters House by 6 ( at the latest) and the Mr. at work by 6:30 ( ready and at his post) THANK GOD its Friday Cause I need some sleep! Cant Wait till Our summer trips.

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