Thursday, June 30, 2011

LOOOONG Post before a LOOOng Weekend

    So much work! Lately I have been taking time to carefully plan out my last 2 semesters of college and figure out how in world i can arrange my remaining classes to fit into my 7 day work Schedule.  I want to make sure I dont group too many hard classes that will cause me to fail one! i plan on being done by May 2012!
   Although I hate not spening all the quality time possible with my little man, knowing that when ever I am home with him, whether it be the evenings, 3 day weekend, or a week long Vacay, I know that mommy can spend all the money she wants with no limit! Not the smartest choice but thats why I work and i can't take the money with me when I die! If I quit my job and keep the pt Hubs makes enough and then some to cover bills vacays and spending, If the Mr. were to quit and I continued to work  My FT only Id Make Enough to cover the bills and rent twice vacays and then some on the side and with the PT Some extra Money But with Both of us Working Yea You get the Picture!
   So Being a working Momma Rocks, but of course I still manage all the money and pay the bills since the MR really hasn't EVER taken an interst in it! He never notices when I pull money aside or questions when I say there is no Money! Lol! I mean with our salaries you'd think that would raise a red flag! We have a Savings Acct. a Checking Acct. a Way to Save Acct. and of course Our Budget Acct.  Our Checking Acct. has all the money We spend freely (without overdrafting) our Budget account is all the Bill Money, the Savings account is not even connected to the other 3 accounts and its the one the Mr knows nothing about (if he knew it would be Empty) and the Way to save, is the Mr's Idea of our Savings account, so when ever he wants to spend and I give in we pull it out of the Way to save (or in his mind our "Savings" account) it has a good amount which will be our vacation money , but our savings lol Its for a house Jaydens school, mommys new car, and so forth...
Little Man
    Ok So Little Man has been coming home with rash looking things then little blisters and finally what looked to be Bug Bites! WTF was it I have no clue! His Daycare Is not working for me anymore after an after hours urgent care Visit to A Kaiser Facility we see a doctor she says they are bug bites and I ALREADY KNEW THAT! But what kind of bug?!? mosquitos... Ok How? he hasnt been outside, didnt even get bug bites in PR, and again HOW he hasn't been outside! The DC phone has been busy 2 days straight! ever since i called tuesday evening after getting home and seeing my sone had some red bumps on his arm! I then start inspecting him and see a Bite Mark! like actual kid Bite Mark! Ok I am not upset about the Bite kids do ridiculous crap BUT, why was I NOT INFORMED OF THIS, So I call she sounds suprised, and as I know most places aren't supposed to tell you who has what or who did what But they DO HAVE TO TELL YOU WHAT HAPPENED, well I took pics i then notice what seemed to be a Bruise and i look at it NOPE it was a 2nd bite mark dear god i was angry! I even confronted her about the bug bites, i mean if she has bed bugs or god knows what she should tell me! well I sent him to daycare Wednesday and got him back all bug bitten got the Doctor to write a letter to excuse us Both from work Lol BUT seeing how its the Last day of the Month and I needed to be there to work my Accounts and Last minute Bussiness for the last posting day so I went off to work Now Friday Im stuck deciding WTF we will do with the little man! I refuse to send him there again and We both need to be at work tommorow UGH!
4th of July
I sadly got called in for long shifts this weekend but have the 4th of July off so we will be doing something fun that day with little man! Cant wait, mean while Ive been hunting down some beach houses for Labor Day/ Mr's Birthday weekend/week Can't decide where we wanna go but it will be a nice get away. Until next Time Yall Have a Great LOOOOOONG WeekEnd!

*Pictures of the band at My bros Grad Party (him and his friends Band) Sometime this weekend!*

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