Saturday, July 2, 2011

   How did My Friday Manage to get so stressful, I mean a Friday before a long weekend! I decided i would HAVE to take the Little Man back to daycare, I Mean the week is already paid for! Hell so is the rest of next week! Well Since her Phone has been disconnected for the last 2 days (she probably hasn't paid it), well I show up at our usual drop off time and she doesn't answer so We Just leave I figured "Babe Just drop Me and Jay off and I will figure it out" Well No one answered the Other Day care so I put Jay down to finish sleeping got up and decided to just drive my ass over wake these people up ( i know i was terribly rude! but missing work was not an option) ask if I could have drop in care, and then drove back got Baby (the place is in the same neighborhood less than 1 mile lol) and walked the back yard stairs to the Daycare entrance  and Jay wakes up opens his big ol eyes and starts pointing and going wow! Omg he was so excited, after we get inside he climbs off mommy and starts playing and touching EVERYTHING signed some papers kissed my boy and ran out the place cuz i was already running 20 minutes late to work. SO that within itself should have been a sign of a bad start to my Friday!

    Got to work, boss Asked me to keep things on the DL and he was only informing me of this because I  get picked up from work so he wanted to make sure i made arrangements, so around 10am I am informed that YAY we will be leaving at 2:30! 2 hours early... how am I supposed to want to work knowing I get to leave early! I knew the Mr. would not be off till about 3pm so I just got a ride from my sister did some grocery shopping and well by 3:30 still no cal from the Mr. ugh when I finally get a call i blow up because I want to get home and he just got out of work! apparently they called him out on missing work the other day even with a dr's note, seems like everyone in the damn place can call out but when its him... just isnt right. but what can ya do. so that blew my afternoon! but once I got home my main baby boy never fails to make mommy feel better!

RENT IS DUE!! Im too lazy to log in online and click Pay! LMAO i will surely Be rushing home tomorrow on the last day to make a payment hahaha,

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