Saturday, June 4, 2011

Memorial Day in DC

     As much as I wanted to post on Memorial Day I was just to worn out from being out all day! Let me just say that heat Advisory was no joke! we figured we'd head out towards dc early and beat the noon heat  and see if it was just too hot to stay for the parade! Well with 30 minutes till the parade started and LO passed out we decided yes it was too hot and I was not about to wait it out in that sun just to see the parade, I mean we had already done what we had intended to do, and it was great!

      Jayden got to experience the Metro for the first time, and hubby got on it for the second time and of course mommy who hasn't been on one in FOREVER, probably since my cheering days in Highschool when we used to go to cheer competitions in D.C.

     Jayden was a little iffy at first about the paddle boats but of course after finding the orange emergency whistle he settled, only to get mad when we wouldn't allow him to  blow the darn thing!

      Our Picnic was not like we expected because of the heat, but still enjoyable, and Jayden loed playing all over the place. looking forward to our next trip to DC very soon


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  2. That hair! That wonderful hair!

    Sounds like you managed to make the most of it despite the heat.